“The View” Debates Hillary Clinton Being Sexist, Blaming Women For Losing Election

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The View Hillary Clinton Sexist

By Shari Weiss |

The View Hillary Clinton Sexist


“The View” co-hosts on Friday debated whether Hillary Clinton is sexist. The former presidential candidate is facing backlash for saying one of the reasons she lost the election is that women didn’t vote for her because men told them not to. Watch the video below.

In a recent interview, Clinton said she was warned by Sheryl Sandberg that “women will have no empathy for you,” and that white women are under “tremendous pressure” not to “vote for the girl.” She partially blamed her election loss on women who didn’t vote for her after potentially being pressured by husbands, boyfriends, male family members and male bosses. On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg asked if it’s “sexist to claim so many would blindly follow their men into their thinking.”

“I think there is a point to that,” responded Joy Behar, “and it’s not just that women hate other women.” She argued that, like men, “women vote in their economic interests,” and suggested, “That’s probably one of the factors that goes into listening to the man. The men are making more money than the women, unfortunately. Financial interest trumps.” If the man is telling his wife that, financially, it would be better to vote for Trump, Behar thinks the woman is inclined to follow that. “The economic interest trumps ethical and moral issues,” she said.

Sara Haines commented, “If there’s a sexism, there’s a deeper conversation to have. It’s not as simple as the men in their lives affecting them.” She pointed out that simply being female “doesn’t remove every bias you have against other women,” and said that on an unconscious level, “some women are just against other women.” Paula Faris was the most insulted by Clinton’s theory, asserting that she’s “basically insinuating that I can’t think independently of my husband or my boyfriend.” “I think that’s going to be offensive for a lot of people to hear,” she said.

Sunny Hostin agreed that it’s sexist and said she doesn’t believe Clinton’s assessment is true. “I don’t believe women vote the way their husband or boyfriend tells them,” she said, but added, “What I still don’t understand is why 53 percent of white women voted for Trump.” Goldberg responded, “For the same reason everybody votes against their own self interest.” She also defended Clinton, saying, “You have to remember she grew up in a time where the man had the information and he would tell the woman what to do.” The panelists went on to discuss whether Clinton would have benefited if she pointed out Trump’s sexist behavior towards her during the campaign. Watch the video below.

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