“The View” Reacts To Congressional Shooting, Debates Political Rhetoric And Gun Control – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Congressional Shooting

By Shari Weiss |

The View Congressional Shooting


“The View” co-hosts on Thursday reacted to the shooting at a congressional baseball practice, and debated both political rhetoric and gun control. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, a gunman opened fire on lawmakers and congressional staffers on Wednesday in Alexandria. The group, members of the GOP baseball team, was gathered for a baseball practice, one day before an annual bipartisan charity game. Among the injured were Rep. Steve Scalise, who was rushed into surgery after being shot in the hip. Celebrities immediately reacted to the shooting, but due to live news coverage of the unfolding events, the ABC talk show was pre-empted.

Now a day later, the panelists were able to react to the tragic incident “in the wake of yesterday’s insanity,” as Whoopi Goldberg put it. After showing a clip of Paul Ryan calling for unity, the moderator stated, “A lot of people are asking if the increasingly ugly political rhetoric on both sides contributed to this violence.” Responded Jedediah Bila, “I do think the media hold some responsibility. I do think there is a rush to politicize.”

“It happens on both sides. None of us is innocent. We all rush to judgment,” she said, complaining, “People come together for a moment [after tragedy] and then we forget [unity]. I’m not going to have a gun control debate that second on Twitter.” Asked Sunny Hostin, “Why isn’t it a perfect time to have a gun control debate?” But Goldberg interjected, asking to first stay on this topic, stressing, “Do we need to change the rhetoric is the real conversation.”

Sara Haines pointed out that “crazy is crazy. It doesn’t have one party affiliation for sure.” But she was upset to wake up this morning to see tweets from Donald Trump about the supposed “witch hunt” against him. “That’s 24 hours after people almost lost their lives… We’re already back to another political issue,” she decried.

Of Ryan and Nancy Pelosi putting aside politics on the House floor, Joy Behar said, “That was kind of nice for a second. We are all in this together and there’s plenty of blame to go around. It would be nice to work together.” Hostin went on to call out the president’s own rhetoric, saying, “I’m not blaming Donald Trump for the shooting, but it does come from the top. Leadership is leadership, and he has started this devolution.”

But Goldberg said questionable rhetoric didn’t start with Trump and isn’t always the catalyst, “It was already here,” she argued, pointing out the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords a few years ago. After a commercial break, Goldberg was ready to discuss gun control, noting that some Republicans have said they now plan to carry guns.

“As a person who owns guns and has been shot at,” she objected to the idea, saying, “You run to get out of the way. You don’t stop to run and say ‘hey!’ And if you’re playing softball, you’re not carrying your gun. So what are you going to do?… That’s not the answer.”

She also questioned why the gunman had a firearm in the first place, to which Hostin pointed out that Virginia has lax gun laws, and argued that more guns complicates these emergencies “because they don’t know who the bad guy is.” Behar went on to admit that “if I was living in one of these states” with open-carry laws, “I would never do public transportation. I’d be too afraid.” She explained she fears a little dispute would set someone off.

Countered Bila, “I feel very differently about that… I’m not worried about law-abiding citizens carrying guns. They don’t make me nervous.” She argued that she’d feel safer knowing there’s people with gun training around. Goldberg questioned whether she’s ever been around guns, and the conservative co-host insisted she had.

“I don’t believe you, Jed,” the comedian shot back, prompting them to go back and forth shouting at each other. When it was suggested that only cops and the like need to be armed, Bila insisted, “That’s called a police state. That’s not the United States of America.” That led Goldberg to bring up the 2nd Amendment, but the tension was abruptly cut with another commercial break. Check out the videos below.

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