“The View” Co-Hosts Share Childhood Photos For #PuberMe Puerto Rico Campaign

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The View Childhood Photos

By Shari Weiss |

The View Childhood Photos


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts shared childhood photos as part of #PuberMe. The viral campaign is raising money to help people in Puerto Rico. Watch the video below.

The charity initiative for hurricane relief was started by Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll on the “Late Show” earlier this week. They decided that a donation would be made towards recovery efforts for every celebrity who shared an awkward photo from their teen years. Over the last few days, dozens of stars have been posting their throwback snapshots on social media, from Kelly Ripa and Sarah Silverman to Patton Oswalt and James Corden. Other participants have included Ryan Seacrest, Jane Lynch, America Ferrera, Conan O’Brien, Kristin Chenoweth and even former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, among others. Colbert’s Americone Dream Fund will pony up the money, which Kroll has offered to match.

Now on the ABC talk show, the panelists got in on the action. Paula Faris’ photo was displayed first, with the reporter joking her look was “brought to you by Rave hairspray, unibrow and a perm.” Sunny Hostin’s snapshot looked like she was striking a hip-hop inspired pose, prompting Sara Haines to exclaim, “Sunny, is that your album cover?!” Joy Behar also called it “hilarious.”

“I don’t know what was going through my head. It was a thing I did. I did that with all my pictures,” Hostin admitted, adding, “It’s so ridiculous.” When it was her own turn, Haines said, “Mine’s a glamour shot. It’s about as good as it gets. Brought to you by moms across the Midwest.” Behar then hilariously told her and Hostin, “Can I just say both of you look like sluts? Now wait, hold on, because you’re gonna see now the good girl.”

Behar’s photo showed her dressed for a communion or confirmation, holding her infant cousin. She amusingly declared, “I’m a bride with a baby and I’m 12 years old!” And to Haines, that meant the comedienne was actually the slut of the group. “You had a baby at 13,” she joked. Check out the video below!

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