“The View” Reacts To CMAs Mocking Donald Trump

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The View CMAs Trump

By Shari Weiss |

The View CMAs Trump


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to the CMAs mocking Donald Trump. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, during Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s CMA Awards opening on Wednesday night, they sang a parody of “Before He Cheats” called “Before He Tweets.” The spoof lyrics made fun of Trump’s Twitter habits, including his messages about “liddle Bob Corker,” the NFL and “covfefe.” They also took shots at Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the DNC and Paul Manafort. But on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg noted that some country fans were upset with the political jokes and the mockery of the president.

She said she personally “always” likes Underwood and Paisley’s openings, including this one. “They were having a little bit of fun and I don’t think it took away from the show,” Goldberg said. Pointing out how the Dixie Chicks were “blackballed” for anti-Bush remarks, Joy Behar said, “I give [Underwood and Paisley] a lot of credit.” Sunny Hostin brought up comments Reba McEntire made on “The View” earlier this year, saying, “She’s not here to talk about politics, she’s here for her fans and an escape, and I can see both sides of that. When you’re listening to music, you want to separate politics and just chill out.”

Behar responded by saying that it used to be “exactly the opposite” with the “Woodstock generation.” Meghan McCain also said that country music is usually a “refuge for conservatives,” and that sometimes Republicans can only get country artists to endorse them and perform. She also argued there’s a double standard, explaining, “Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of heat for not getting political at all during this last election. People were very angry she didn’t speak out at all, one way or the other. So there’s no way to win, it seems, in life right now. If you’re too political, if you’re too supportive of Trump, people blacklist you. If you don’t say anything, people blacklist you, too. So what exactly are we expecting from our artists right now?”

Commented Sara Haines, “It should be a personal choice. Some people feel a calling to speak out, like, ‘This is my platform. I can’t even stop myself. I have to talk about this.’ There other’s people like Reba that find comfort in [not speaking]. No one should be asked or pressured who you voted for. These are private things.” McCain also said that she has no problem mixing politics and music, admitting, “My favorite country music artists are political. Johnny Cash — Johnny and June were deeply political.” And Behar opined, “I think in these times we’re living right now, which are serious and difficult and dangerous because of the person in the White House, I think it’s incumbent on all good people to speak out if they can.”

McCain wondered if that meant she “judges” Swift for staying silent. “I’m not judging. I’m just giving a suggestion,” the comedienne insisted. Goldberg also offered, “Not everybody’s cut out to do it. If it moves you, feel free. If it doesn’t, don’t it.” And while some viewers are upset the CMA Awards got political this year, it’s worth reminding Underwood and Paisley did a political opening mocking Trump and Clinton last year, too. Check out “The View” video below.

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