‘The View’ Reacts: Bill Maher Uses ‘N-Word’ On HBO Show (VIDEO)

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The View Bill Maher N Word

By Andrew Shuster |

The View Bill Maher N Word


On Monday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Bill Maher coming under fire for using the n-word on his HBO show, “Real Time.” Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported,Maher joked that he was a “house n*gger” during a segment on his political talk show last week. The host quickly apologized for the racial slur, but Whoopi Goldberg noted on the morning talk show that “people are calling for HBO to drop him from the lineup.” The co-host and fellow comedian, however, didn’t agree that Maher should get the axe. “I have very specific feelings about the word,” she said. “He didn’t call anybody it. He called himself one.”

But Sonny Hostin insisted that using the n-word in any manner is indefensible, noting that the KKK often aimed the slur at her parents, before running them out of Georgia. “I have never uttered the word in my 48 years of living,” she said. “I don’t think anyone should use it. I think it’s time to retire that word. It comes from such a painful time.”

Joy Behar went on to say that Maher “is one of the good guys in this fight against [President Donald] Trump,” who she noted has been accused of discriminating against black people in business. “To me, that is a much more egregious sin,” she said. Behar further insisted there “seems to be this assault on comedians” in today’s society, noting the outrage that Kathy Griffin caused with her photo of Trump’s severed head.

“I put my foot in my mouth a lot of times,” Sarah Haines offered. “In one misstep, in one bad joke, everything can be over.” The co-host went on to contend that people should be more forgiving of celebrities’ misdeeds and “move on.” Jedediah Bila added, “I grew up feeling that word was wrong. For me, when I hear it, I hear a history of this country that makes me upset.” But she went on to acknowledge, “When [Maher] said it, I didn’t think that he was trying to offend.” Goldberg concluded the segment by stating, “You can not continue to give the word the power.” Watch the video below.

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