“The View” Reacts: Bill Maher Says Democrats Treated Whites Like A Minority

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The View Maher Democrats Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Maher Democrats Video


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Bill Maher saying Democrats treated whites like a minority during the election. Watch the video below.

Maher argued this week that Democrats lost the election because they focused too much on identity politics. By paying so much attention to issues like Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community, the white majority was ignored and treated like the minority, he said. In his opinion, that allowed Donald Trump and Republicans to appeal to whites and make them feel like they had to rise up.

On the ABC talk show, Sara Haines thought Maher had a “point.” She said that “when you answer or dissent against one of these [movements or issues], you’re instantly dismissed as privileged or an ‘ist,'” like sexist and racist, turning off would-be supporters. She added, “I think they work against their own cause.” Joy Behar, though, didn’t think that was the Democrats’ problem. She responded, “I think those two things are separate… You can continue to be sensitive to minorities and [still] do your grassroots business.”

Whoopi Goldberg didn’t agree with Maher’s perspective. She suggested that Democrats lost, in part, because Republicans didn’t want to elect a woman, and they wanted to take back the White House after a black man served for eight years. “I listened to what people said about the last president, who was inclusive. He included white people… For that, we got reintroduced to the Klan.”

To Maher’s credit, Jedediah Bila stated, “I think what he’s trying to do is reform the Democratic party over time.” She seemed to agree with his points about Democrats’ shortcomings, and repeated her reasons for why Hillary Clinton lost the election, prompting push back from some of her fellow panelists. Bila and Goldberg did agree, though, that Trump used identity politics, too. Check out the video below.

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