“The View” Debates Beyonce’s Pregnancy Age (VIDEO)

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The View Beyonce Pregnancy Age

By Shari Weiss |

The View Beyonce Pregnancy Age


“The View” co-hosts on Thursday debated Beyonce’s pregnancy age amid criticism the superstar and other celebrities are giving women false hope about having babies later in life. Check out the video below.

For the record, Beyonce is only 35 years old. But on the talk show, Joy Behar said, “Some doctors hope it doesn’t give women a false sense of hope about getting pregnant as they get older. So, is this going to put pressure on women?” And, specifically, the panelists debated whether there’s pressure on female celebrities to set a healthy example.

Jedediah Bila, who just turned 38, said she’s been “scared” and “panicked” by society telling her “it’s over” and “you gotta rush.” She credited colleague Sara Haines for getting her to “calm down,” and now she believes, “Let life happen.” But Sunny Hostin didn’t agree.

“I feel pretty strongly about this, only because — all of you know — I first got pregnant at 34 and then at 38, and we had a really difficult time,” she shared. “We did IVF and I’m so thankful we have our two beautiful children because of it, but women do hit their fertile peak between 23 and 31, and around 31, it drops precipitously.”

But it was guest co-host Priyanka Chopra who came to Beyonce’s defense. “I also don’t think, as a public person myself, it is the responsibility of Janet Jackson or Beyonce to — she’s just a girl who makes music,” said the actress. “She’s been a working mom. She’s worked all her life. She did not maybe have the time to have kids [earlier] and she’s decided to do it right now.”

Chopra continued, “I don’t think she should have the pressure and the onus having to serve as an ‘example’ to humanity.” As Gossip Cop reported, “The View” celebrated Beyonce’s pregnancy last week. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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