“The View” Debates Barack Obama Role In Russian Meddling (VIDEO)

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The View Obama Russian MeddlingThe View Obama Russian Meddling

By Shari Weiss |

The View Obama Russian MeddlingThe View Obama Russian Meddling


“The View” co-hosts on Monday debated Barack Obama’s role in Russian meddling of the election. Check out the video below.

It was recently reported that President Obama knew far more about the Russian hackings for far longer than originally believed. Over the last few days, current president Donald Trump repeatedly slammed his predecessor for not speaking out more if he knew such meddling was taking place. Now on the ABC talk show, they debated whether Obama deserves the blame.

Joy Behar first pointed out that Trump previously said there was no hacking and meddling, but now he’s acknowledging both by pointing the finger at Obama. “He needs to pick a lie and stick with it. He doesn’t remember what he did last week,” she snarked.

Whoopi Goldberg defended Obama, saying “there was a big lot of a poop going on” when Obama learned what Russian was doing, suggesting there were other things the nation was dealing with. “And what should he have done?” she asked. “He’s gonna get blamed anyway. If he had told everybody, they would’ve said you’re meddling. But he did tell everything, as it turns out. Nobody was listening.”

Jedediah Bila strongly disagreed, arguing, ” A lot of the statements they made here and the reason they didn’t come forward with a strong statement… is they thought Hillary was going to win the election anyway and he was worried it would look like meddling.” She angrily said of Obama, “Your job is not to worry about how things look for you. This was a national security threat to our election.”

Goldberg shot back, “This conversation is B.S. The real conversation is new guy who’s sitting in Washington, they’re probing you and what you did with Russia, and it’s a very long list.” Sunny Hostin agreed with her on Obama, saying he “did the right thing,” and said had he been more involved, he would’ve been criticized like James Comey was. Watch the video below.

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