“The View” Debates Al Franken Resigning

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“The View” co-hosts on Thursday debated Al Franken resigning over sexual harassment allegations. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, last month “The View” co-hosts discussed the initial assault claims against Franken by Leeann Tweeden. After more women came forward to accuse Franken of sexual misconduct, a number of Democrats on Wednesday called on him to step down from the Senate. He did not comment on the growing protests, but his office said he would make an announcement on Thursday. Now shortly before that was to be delivered, the panelists on the ABC talk show discussed the situation.

Whoopi Goldberg said, “More than 30 Democratic senators are calling for him to step down. The question is should he?” Sara Haines suggested the calls for resignation “might be strategy” because “it’s being used as a Roy Moore versus Al Franken.” With Democrats saying Moore, an accused pedophile, shouldn’t be in the Senate, Haines said of the party, “You have to hold yourself to that and say, ‘Let’s just get our party clean and then we can say, we did the right thing, what about you?'” She added, “It seems very political. They’re moving chess pieces around.”

Joy Behar complained, “It doesn’t work for the Democrats to go high. Because the other party just gets lower and lower and lower. And they keep winning with the low qualities they go for. Donald Trump is accused of assaulting women. He’s in the White House. [Franken] grabbed a few women. I’m not saying it was great but it’s not in the same category of Roy Moore or Donald Trump… He admitted to the [groping] picture. That’s all he admitted to.”

Commented Sunny Hostin, “I was a little surprised that so many of the female senators came out [against Franken]… I thought maybe there are allegations they know about that we don’t know about it and that’s why they’re getting in front of it, or is it just, ‘Let me lead by example, Republicans’?” Responded Meghan McCain, “I think there’s eight accusers against Al Franken right now and the tally keeps going up and up… When you have the female population in the Senate calling for you to step down, that’s a whole entirely different thing.”

She went on, “If you have Al Franken standing up at the DNC in 2020 making a speech, they’re very uncomfortable optics. So yeah, politics is coming into play for this. But I also think eight accusers is eight accusers.” Behar, however, asked, “But is there no room for apologizing and going in front of an ethics committee?” And Goldberg told McCain, “There may be eight accusers there, but we have a guy sitting in office that has more than eight accusers. Maybe there’s not enough Republican women coming out [against Trump].” Goldberg added, “No party should be supporting any of this. So the guy at the top who people keep trying to forget they have accusers, they’re not quiet. They keep saying, ‘We’re here.'”

After a commercial break, McCain asked her colleagues if they all think Franken should resign. Behar said she wasn’t sure, and Goldberg said she didn’t know. She argued, “What I really want is the ethics committee to try him, so I would know more. I feel like that’s what the ethics committee is there for… Because if he is dirty, then he’s gone. But if he’s not, there has to be something else. I believe in the law. I’m weird in that way.” But with the current wave of allegations in society, she acknowledged, “They’re coming so fast and furious it’s hard to know [what to do].”

Haines insisted, “We do need to take it case by case.” And Behar was angry that Moore will likely get elected and Trump will stay president while Franken could be out. “Where is the justice in this? We are basically losing a Democratic voice in Congress. And may I just say that Al Franken is the only one who spoke out against Jeff Sessions and then all of a sudden, these allegations came up right after that. So I’m a little bit suspicious of what’s going on right now.”

“So you’re thinking Leeann Tweeden who came on maybe wasn’t being candid?” asked McCain, who is friends with the radio host. Behar shot back, “I’m not accusing her. Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m not accusing Leeann of anything. All I’m saying is it’s interesting, and that’s all.” Check out the videos below. Following the discussion, Franken announced he is in fact resigning.

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