“The View” Reacts To Jeff Sessions Investigating Affirmative Action

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The View Affirmative Action

By Shari Weiss |

The View Affirmative Action


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Jeff Sessions reportedly investigating the current policies on affirmative reaction. Watch the video below.

At the start of the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg said Sessions seems to be starting a “new civil rights movement” by using the Justice Department to evaluate affirmative action with funds from the civil rights division. She asked, “Is affirmative action racist against white people?” Sara Haines responded, “No. There was a systematic racism that remains in this country, and if we want to catch up after decades of people starting in a staggered way and not on a fair ground, you have to do this. It benefits everyone to have diverse communities, and you’re talking about college campuses.”

She added, “The idea that they’re not only doing this and taking [funding] from the civil rights division is so disturbing to me.” Declared Sunny Hostin, “They’re making a statement about the values of this administration.” Jedediah Bila admitted she “struggle[s] with how to talk about” this subject as a white woman. She asked, “Is someone’s race a morally justifiable reason to give someone a benefit from another person?… What do you say to a poor white kid?”

That led Goldberg to point out, “It wasn’t just black people. Let’s be really clear about that.” She named women, Asians, and Jewish people as others who were and are aided by affirmative action. “This was about taking a system that seemed to work for only one group, white men, and saying we have to open it up,” the moderator said, arguing that the conversation typically only becomes about black people because “it’s easier to get pissed off about us, thinking we are getting something we shouldn’t.”

“Do you really think that the playing field is even?” Hostin asked Bila, who replied she doesn’t, “But I also don’t think the playing field is even between privileged white people and poor white people.” Hostin went on to ask, “Are we where we want to be as a society? I think the resounding [answer] is no.” Commented Joy Behar, “I think we’re in a period in history where we have to be very vigilant. There’s assaults on all sorts of civil rights [now]… There seems to be a systematic eroding of civil rights that we as a country have been working to since World War II.”

Haines further remarked, “Until our representation is reflective of our population, we haven’t caught up yet… It’s time to bring people forward.” Bila, who appeared like she truly wanted to be educated on the subject, said she agrees “100 percent” with what was said, “But a lot of time I feel when this debate happens, it becomes about race.” Behar reminded, “This country is based on systemic racism, starring with slavery and Jim Crow. That has to be addressed.”

The conversation remained very civil throughout, prompting Bila to ask, “Why is it we can have this conversation and it’s so hard for politicians?” Check out the video below to see Goldberg’s blunt response. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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