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Sienna Miller’s love life is understandably a hot topic for the tabloids, and it has been for decades. The model and actress has probably spent more of her life having her personal relationships questioned and speculated about than she has without it. We wanted to take a look at all the rumors going around about Miller and find out the truth about her romantic life.

Sienna Miller’s Most Notable Relationship Was With Jude Law

Law and Miller became engaged in December 2004 and, by all accounts, had a fairly normal relationship. Seven months later, however, news broke of Law's infidelity, and the actor made a public apology to his then-fiancee after cheating on her with his kids' nanny. “I want to publicly apologize to Sienna and our respective families for the pain I’ve caused. There is no defense for my actions, which I deeply regret, and I ask that you respect our privacy at this very difficult time,” Law wrote in a statement. A little over a year later, the couple split.

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During this time, the single Miller had a highly publicized affair with Balthazar Getty, a married man. The resulting drama and spectacle around the situation was messy, to say the least, and coverage was shockingly cruel to Miller in particular. Getty eventually made up with his wife, and for most, the affair was eventually forgotten. Likewise, Miller and Law managed to reconcile in 2009 and reportedly remained together until 2011, when they separated for good. Miller has since described the relationship as "bad timing," since it essentially took the focus away from her and her career. “You become very known for being someone’s girlfriend, and all of a sudden there’s all this hype and buzz for all the wrong reasons,” she explained.

After their final breakup, Miller began dating Tom Sturridge, and within a year, she gave birth to their daughter in July 2012. The two were even engaged, and for three years, everything seemed fine with the relationship. In July 2015, however, they broke off their engagement and announced their split. The two still maintain a good relationship and co-parent their daughter together. Sturridge even spends the night at Miller’s house at times, and the two don’t have any sort of technical or complicated custody arrangement on account of their positive relationship. Now that she was single, the rumors began to build once more, although it was nothing new considering the coverage Miller received every other time she was single.

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Who Else Did Sienna Miller Date?

She was also connected with Orlando Bloom in the early 2000s and had a fling with Daniel Craig in 2005. She was also rumored to have gone out with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Dornan, Josh Hartnett, P Diddy, Jamie Burke, Matthew Rhys, and Rhys Ifans throughout the aughts. The most substantial of those connections would be Matthew Rhys, whom she dated in 2007, and Rhys Ifans, whom she dated the following year. The split with Rhys was fairly low-key, but her breakup with Ifans was notoriously messy.

Given that Miller is quiet about the details, the celebrity media's tendency to paint her as a homewrecker regardless of her actual relationship with the men in question, and how long ago these relationships may have happened, there's not too much we can truthfully say about those pairings. That being said, it's worth noting that a majority of these names only appeared due to speculation after they were spotted at the same party or club that Miller happened to be at, regardless of whether or not they were there together — a trend that continues to this day. In fact, it's visible even in the latest rumors about the actress' love life.

She Was Rumored To Be Dating Brad Pitt And Robert Pattinson

Gossip Cop previously rounded up a list of all of Miller’s one-off “relationships” that pop up in tabloids and Hollywood gossip. Although she’s been falsely connected with Justin Theroux and Russell Crowe among others, there was a barrage of rumors after she starred in The Lost City of Z, predominantly about her co-star Robert Pattinson and the film's most handsome producer, Brad Pitt. Apparently, there was something about that project that inspired a ton of stories about Miller's romantic life, although we're not sure what it is besides the fact that there were so many handsome men involved and Miller had to do several press events with said handsome men.

In 2017, she was rumored to be infuriating Angelina Jolie after Miller was supposedly caught cuddling with Pitt at the Glastonbury Music Festival. "Sienna still gets under Angie's skin like no other woman can," an anonymous source told Life & Style. The outlet would report on the alleged relationship multiple times over the next few weeks. Us Weekly even ran a full cover story that July proclaiming that the two were secretly dating, complete with quotes from “insiders” about how flirty the two were and how great a couple they’d make — the outlet even coined the name “Brienna” for the seemingly new couple. At the very beginning of 2018, OK! Australia claimed that Sienna Miller and Brad Pitt were making their romance official.

For all the coverage she and Pitt received, none of the rumors ever picked up on the fact that it was totally baseless. Gossip Cop investigated the claims time and time again, and ultimately, there was never any proof of anything going on between the two. Both stars laughed off and dismissed the rumors when asked, and in the years since, nothing has corroborated these tabloid tales.

Likewise, the gossip about Pattinson was fierce and numerous. Pattinson and Miller have a good relationship and their chemistry in the film and on the press junket seemed to catch the eye of nearly every tabloid. In what quickly became a trend in the gossip world, OK! claimed that the two stars were more than just friends. "They've always had a great connection, but one of them was always with someone else, so it stayed platonic," an unnamed tipster said. The source also argued that Miller's friends thought she and Pattinson would make a great couple and that it was obvious there was something happening between Miller and the Twilight star.

Sienna Miller in a tan dress with Robert Pattinson in a suit
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Later that month, Canoe echoed OK!'s story and questioned the seemingly platonic and apparently flirty relationship between Pattinson and Miller. In fact, according to its sources, the two were "taking their flirty friendship to the next level." Since the two actors were finally both single at the same time, the outlet argued, "the door is open for them to give this a real shot." As a result, the publication proclaimed, they were now "sneaking" around with each other.

And in that very same July, NW reported that Miller was embroiled in a fight with Demi Moore over Pattinson. To no one's surprise, the magazine immediately called out the fact that Miller and Pattinson were single at the same time, meaning that they had to be considering dating due to their flirtatious friendship — much to Moore's displeasure. "Rob is used to women flinging themselves at him, but it's a little amusing when two big stars are vying for his attention," one snitch told the outlet. There wasn't anything connecting Moore and Miller, nor any details of how exactly the two were feuding.

Not every actor is looking at their co-stars as romantic interests, and despite the repeated insistence of multiple outlets, there was nothing happening between Miller and Pattinson. Gossip Cop ran these rumors by the actress' own spokesperson, who went on the record with us to dismiss them; we also investigated the details of these stories and found nothing close to evidence. Like Miller, Pattinson's relationship status is constantly questioned, but these two are nothing but friends.

Who Is Sienna Miller Dating Now?

As we've mentioned before, the actress is understandably private about her personal life nowadays. Miller was most recently connected to Lucas Zwirner, and the two reportedly got engaged at the beginning of this year. However, various outlets have reported that the couple called it off at the end of August and have now gone their separate ways. As is par for the course, Miller never confirmed or denied the relationship, engagement, or breakup. For now, the actress unsurprisingly seems to be just fine living a quiet and single life — just don’t expect to hear anything about her relationships from her!


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