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Caitlyn Jenner became a symbol of bravery after she came out publicly as a transwoman in April 2015. The tabloids, however, maliciously crucified the former athlete, with bogus claims about her “addiction” to plastic surgery. Gossip Cop has rounded up a few times we’ve corrected the phony narrative that Jenner was dependent on plastic surgery.

Caitlyn Jenner Addicted To Face-Lifts?

In 2018, OK! asserted Caitlyn Jenner was addicted to face lifts. With no real evidence to back up its claim, the magazine boldly stated the reality star was “obsessed with perfection.” A suspicious insider told the publication the former Olympian “couldn't smile and her cheeks and chin look deformed." The outlet further contended Jenner “didn’t seem to care” and was going “overboard.” We weren’t sure who this source was that claimed to have extensive knowledge about Jenner, but around the time the story came out, the reality star was seen having dinner in Hollywood. If Jenner has just gotten a facelift, she would’ve needed at least six weeks to recover, according to the Mayo Clinic. Plus, the notion that Jenner, “couldn’t” smile was also inaccurate, when she had shared a picture of herself smiling on Instagram, around the same time. Gossip Cop dismissed this false tale.

Caitlyn Lost Her Feminine Features?

A year later, In Touch alleged Jenner was getting plastic surgery because she feared she was losing her feminine features. The magazine ran the insensitive headline, “Caitlyn Gets A Bruce Scare!" with the accompanying article proclaiming Jenner didn’t feel “as womanly” as she once did. "She spent $500,000 on her face alone when she transitioned, and now she needs some maintenance because her feminine features are starting to disappear,” a so-called insider told the magazine. The entire narrative was not only incorrect but also degrading. To insinuate Jenner was “turning back” into Bruce was insulting and showed the publication’s incompetence. We reached out to a rep for Jenner who denied the story.

Caitlyn Jenner Panics Over Plastic Surgery Mishap

Following this, the National Enquirer, In Touch’s sister publication, claimed Caitlyn Jenner was panicking after her plastic surgery “backfired.” The paper alleged Jenner’s “binges” had “worn her features to the bone,” with a supposed insider maintaining Jenner “looked terrible and no amount of makeup can hide it." Could the story be any more thoughtless? The publication insinuating that Jenner “looked terrible” was heartless and wildly inaccurate. Gossip Cop has already corrected the narrative that Jenner was getting back to back surgeries.

Caitlyn Jenner's Body Is Falling Apart?

Most recently, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer again for purporting Jenner’s body was falling apart due to plastic surgery. The ridiculous article insisted Jenner was “freaking out” because her “brand-new” body was coming apart. Using random pictures as evidence to support its hurtful tale, the outlet then quotes a doctor, who never treated Jenner, that stated the reality star’s “arms are covered with white depigmented spots that are the early signs of sun damage,” which “if left to grow, they become skin cancers.” Gossip Cop wasn’t surprised by the cheap and cold-hearted tactics this paper used to try and sell its ludicrous stories. Honestly speaking, the idea that Jenner’s body was coming apart was as low as it gets. Still, to cover ourselves, we reached out to a spokesperson for the former athlete who told us the story wasn’t true.

It’s no secret the tabloids can be demeaning but to pick at someone and make such heartless accusations is cruel and unnecessary.


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