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Do you like untrustworthy people in your life? According to one tabloid, Angelina Jolie does not. Gossip Cop thinks that would be pretty reasonable, especially given how famous Jolie is, so we’re here to discuss the report.

Her Employees Are Sworn To Secrecy

An article in Globe claims that Jolie is ruling her home with an iron fist. The details come from a single anonymous insider who appears to have broken every rule named in the article. “Everyone who works for Angie has to sign a watertight nondisclosure agreement,” this insider says. We’ve explored why Jolie is the target of so much hatred, and now this tabloid is manufacturing additional reasons to dislike the Maleficent star.

According to this “tattletale”, as the tabloid says, everyone in the Jolie home must be kept to secrecy. Wouldn’t this source also have to be held to that standard? Furthermore, if NDAs are given to everyone in the home, wouldn’t this source have signed one as well? Either this source is breaking every single rule and a nondisclosure agreement, or the story is made-up.

She Sounds More Like A Devoted Parent Than A Dictator

The article tries to make Jolie sound ridiculous and paranoid, but really just makes her sound pretty reasonable. The insider says “if she has even the slightest gut feeling someone is untrustworthy… she kicks them to the curb without hesitation.” As opposed to what exactly? Letting someone she doesn’t trust just hang out in her home?

The alleged source adds that Jolie insists Brad Pitt “leaves his phone to one side while they discuss the kids!” Is that not the proper thing to do? The tabloid makes undivided attention sound unreasonable. In reality, putting one’s phone away while discussing children is a common courtesy.

This report also contradicts a previous story from this tabloid. In July, Gossip Cop busted its claim that Jolie and Pitt were planning to take a big relaxing family vacation together. Is Jolie looking to go on a vacation or lording over her home? Clearly, this tabloid can’t decide who it wants Jolie to be.

Who Exactly Is Leaking The Secrets?

This supposed source sounds like a hypocrite when saying “Angie says she’s been burned too many times by so-called friends… who sold her out and blabbed her business around town.” Then what’s this tabloid article but an invasion of that trust? If this article is real, it isn’t, but hear us out, then Jolie has every reason to be paranoid because leaks would be coming from her home in the form of this very article!

Just Another Article To Call Jolie A Bad Parent

The tabloid concludes its article by making Jolie sound like a bad mother. “The mole” says “Angie barely says a word to the staff these days, unless it’s to bark an order.” The so-called source adds “the kids rarely, if ever, have friends over to the house.” Again, pandemic. We doubt very much that Jolie is only ever screaming at her staff.

This tabloid has tried to make Jolie look terrible on more than one occasion. It once claimed Jolie was prowling for women, which is not true. Jolie is focused on parenting right now. Why does the tabloid make the prospect of her dating sound inherently predatory anyway?

The home described in this article is the opposite as the one described just last month by the same tabloid. In July, Jolie was called the “neighbor from hell” who allowed her children to make all kinds of noise and ruckus. Here she keeps everything locked down. Which is it Globe?

This story basically busts itself. If Jolie really is this paranoid, then a leak like this article would never come out. Either the tabloid made the story up, or Jolie is justified.


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