“The Talk” Halloween Video 2016: Watch “Rocktober Lip Sync War” Performances

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The Talk Halloween Video 2016

By Shari Weiss |

The Talk Halloween Video 2016


“The Talk” celebrated Halloween on Monday with its second annual “Rocktober Lip Sync War.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, last year “The Talk” co-hosts held a lip sync contest on Halloween, with each dressing up as a music artist and giving a performance. A new tradition was born, and for this year’s edition, actual “Lip Sync Battle” host LL Cool J emceed the special episode. At stake was the “Rocktober Lip Sync War” trophy.

Julie Chen, who last year impersonated Madonna with “Express Yourself,” kicked off the new competition by again channeling the Queen of Pop. But this time, she chose to recreate Madonna’s 1990 MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Vogue.” She told LL Cool J after, “I’ve wanted to be her ‘Madgesty’ since I was 15 years old, and now my dream is coming true thanks to ‘The Talk.'”

Aisha Tyler, who has competed on “Lip Sync Battle,” followed, donning a mustache and perm to perform Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” She amusingly admitted after the performance, “Every time I look in the mirror, my dad is looking back at me, which is really upsetting.” Asked what she’d say to Richie himself, Tyler deadpanned, “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?”

Next up was Sharon Osbourne, who brought Marilyn Monroe back to life with “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” Clad in a body-hugging, hot pink dress, she said the wig was actually her favorite part of the get-up. “I don’t have much hair,” Osbourne explained. “I like to have hair I can shake.” Watching from the side of the stage was husband Ozzy.

Sara Gilbert followed with an impression of Cher. While fake-singing “If I Could Turn Back Time,” she was joined by back-up dancers dressed as sailors, much like the superstar had in her infamous music video. When LL Cool J noted Gilbert’s wardrobe, saying “we’ve never seen you like this before,” the former “Roseanne” star cracked, “I’ve never seen me like this either… I think this might get me banned from CBS.”

Last to take the stage was Sheryl Underwood, who transformed into Little Richard for “Tutti Frutti.” The comedienne pretended to play the piano in hilarious ways, capturing the music icon’s exuberant performance style. Somehow, she ended up finishing the performance on the floor. And unlike her co-hosts, Underwood stayed in character for her post-performance chat with LL Cool J, just as she did last year when she took on James Brown.

After all the faux singing, each TV personality could give one last pitch as to why they should win the 2016 showdown. When the audience’s votes were in, Underood was crowned the new “Rocktober Lip Sync War” winner. Check out the videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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