Shoe And Matching Nail Polish Sparks New Viral Photo Debate – See #TheShoe Reaction

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the shoe nail polish

By Minyvonne Burke |

the shoe nail polish


#TheShoe is the newest viral photo debate on social media, with people fighting over which of two nail polishes matches the shoe. An image recently surfaced on Twitter of a woman holding two different shades of nail polish, one purple and the other a pinkish color, next to a high-heeled shoe. The dilemma: Which nail polish color matches the shoe? See the photo at right and below to decide!

The debate of #TheShoe started when Twitter user “Totallymendes” posted the photo and asked her followers, “Which color [of nail polish] matches the shoes the best.” It was a simple question, but it quickly sparked thousands and thousands of responses. Twitter user “AyaShalby” teased, “PLOT TWIST: NEITHER COLOR MATCHES. #theshoe. You’re welcome.” Another user named “_jessicalow” wrote, “definitely purple.” “Destiny_angel” agreed, simply noting, “purple #theshoe.”

A Twitter user who goes by “Misshanamirza” couldn’t decide which color matches, tweeting, “This is stressing me OUT.” And “AmySoldano,” wrote, “None of the colors match the bloody #theshoe.” Meanwhile, “number1azalean,” commented, “Well there ya f*cking have it everyone! Both colors look fine with #theshoe.”

As Gossip Cop reported a few months ago, the Internet was divided over another viral photo debate called #TheDress after someone shared a picture of a striped dress and asked if it was blue and black or white and gold.

And just in case you’re wondering what nail polish color “Totallymendes” went with, she tweeted, “I think I’m just gonna paint my nails white.” Check out the photo below of #TheShoe, and tell us which nail polish color best matches the shoe.

the shoe photo debate



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