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Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney started dating in the spring of 2018, and they were engaged by the following February. Lawrence and Maroney had a somewhat star-studded wedding last October, with a guest list that included Emma Stone, Adele, and even Kris Jenner. It's about what you'd expect from an A-lister celebrity wedding.

Funnily enough, however, there was one name that didn't make it into every story about the wedding: Cooke Maroney. The art gallerist may be married to the love of his life, but the celebrity reporting world doesn't quite love it when a big name actor ends up with a non-star. In fact, just before Maroney and Lawrence first started dating in 2018, most gossip publications argued that Lawrence had already found love with fellow actor Joel Edgerton. Once news of her slightly more mundane relationship emerged, there was a new wave of reporting on Cooke Maroney — and it wasn't exactly pretty.

Cooke Maroney Got Jennifer Lawrence To Quit Hollywood?

Just last year, Us Weekly ran a full cover story about how Lawrence's relationship with Maroney led her to shift away from Hollywood entirely. The outlet's source said that he was a "big part of the reason" the actress seemed to be stepping away from acting. To its credit, the magazine does refer to Maroney as a caring partner, albeit one that wasn't a massive fan of the acting realm. "He's very serious about Jennifer," an unnamed source said, adding that it was clear he was "smitten with her."

It wasn't the only time Maroney supposedly had an impact on his wife's career. OK! claimed that Jennifer Lawrence, against the advice of her managers and agents, was giving up on Los Angeles and moving to New York City. In addition to lingering feelings of being "burned" by Hollywood, sources told the magazine that she mostly "wants to be closer" to the New York-based Cooke Maroney. Although they weren't even engaged at the time, the outlet argued that Lawrence clearly chose Maroney over career opportunities. "This move isn't practical and could end up biting her in the [expletive], but Jen is set on following her heart," one tipster said.

He Caused Problems In Their Relationship?

By most legitimate accounts, the couple's engagement was somewhat standard — they loved each other, got engaged, and planned a wedding. However, there were a multitude of whispers about the relationship's rocky status in the lead-up to the wedding itself. NW published a story about the couple's date night in New York that apparently turned quite sour. "They're not even married yet, and people are convinced that this could be a sign that it's all over," an anonymous source told the magazine. "Jen has totally uprooted her life for Cooke and now spends almost all of her time in New York, [since] that's where his gallery is." The tipster wasn't kind to Maroney, arguing that Lawrence had "done a lot of compromising in this relationship" compared to her then-fiance.

Cooke Maroney was also supposedly responsible for a blowout fight between Lawrence and her parents while the couple planned their wedding. Apparently, the spat was so bad that the actress may have "nixed them from the wedding" entirely, according to one unnamed source. "[Lawrence's mother] is just as outspoken as her daughter, and made a comment about Cooke that Jen didn't like, so Jen told her, 'Don't bother coming to my wedding!" the insider revealed. Although the outlet never revealed exactly what it was about Maroney that set off his future mother-in-law, it dismissed its own story by chalking the incident up to Lawrence being "under a lot of stress planning the wedding" and saying the argument will most likely blow over before the wedding.

Maroney also received his share of blame for causing problems in a Life & Style report about a problematic party held by the couple. The publication said that the two held a 60-person party at the Greenwich Hotel that ran until 2 a.m. and kept the establishment's outdoor area open hours after it was supposed to close so guests could get some peace and quiet. Instead, unidentified sources told the magazine, the couple and their crew continued to infuriate the hotel's guests and argued with the hotel's staff instead of calling it a night. The story was especially concerning given the fact that Lawrence was actually filming in New Orleans at the time of the supposed barnburner.

It's Not All Negative For Maroney

At the very least, Cooke Maroney gets some credit on occasion. OK! claimed that Amy Schumer, a longtime friend of Lawrence, was the one behind the couple's engagement after she saw how much Maroney and Lawrence loved each other. According to an unnamed source, the comedian was pushing the actress to lock Maroney down and get a jumpstart on their wedding just a few months after Maroney and Lawrence first started dating. "Amy knows Jen's crazy about Cooke and thinks she should marry him," the tipster revealed. "Amy's telling Jen to stop overthinking things and just do it."

What's Really Going On With Cooke Maroney And Jennifer Lawrence

Although they may be surrounded by tabloid scrutiny and countless rumors, the two have been living a relatively normal — and surprisingly private — life. The couple seems to be enjoying the New York brand of anonymity, as they've managed to stay clear of most traditional paparazzi coverage, aside from the occasional snapshot of the couple walking somewhere together. Although Maroney is now more known as Lawrence's husband than his career as a gallerist, at least he's able to live a somewhat low-key life despite the constant gossip.


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