“The Muppets” Slammed As “Perverted” In One Million Moms Petition

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The Muppets One Million Moms

By Andrew Shuster |

The Muppets One Million Moms


“The Muppets” premiered on ABC on Tuesday night to both high ratings and positive reviews, but don’t count conservative watchdog group One Million Moms among the fans of the TV reboot. The family values organization started a petition shortly before the show’s debut urging people to boycott the so-called “perverted” series.

One Million Moms posted a lengthy plea on its official website, voicing the opinion that the new “Muppets” show, as opposed to previous incarnations, is “not suitable for family viewing” and should be protested. The advocacy group cites the program’s adult-themed humor as its main source of contention, pointing to jokes about “sex” and “drugs” as evidence. The organization even goes as far as to say, “ABC has ruined ‘The Muppets.'”

The new “Muppets” is in fact being promoted as an “adult Muppet show,” something that Kermit says himself in one of the promos. And the creators of the new series have admitted that ABC’s “Muppets” has more in common with “30 Rock” and “The Office” than it does a typical “Muppet” movie. The show is shot mockumentary-style, and takes place behind-the-scenes of a talk show titled “Up Late With Miss Piggy.” Much of the storyline revolves around the love lives of the various muppets.

With that in mind, One Million Moms ended its letter by asking people to “contact ABC,” and “strongly encourage the network to drop all plans to air [‘The Muppets’].” ABC has yet to respond to the controversy, but Gossip Cop will update if the network releases a statement. As Gossip Cop reported, One Million Moms previously caused a stir when it urged a boycott of J.C. Penney because Ellen DeGeneres was the brand’s spokesperson. Tell us what you think about One Million Moms labeling the new “Muppets” show “perverted.”


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