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George and Amal Clooney have been married since 2014, yet the tabloid insists the couple aren’t as happy as they appear. The spouses’ marriage is constantly peppered with rumors the two are separating or going through a substantial divorce. Gossip Cop has gathered a few stories we’ve corrected about the pair and if their relationship will last.

George And Amal Clooney's villa on Lake Como

George And Amal Clooney's Italian War

About two months ago, the often unreliable paper, the Globe, purported George and Amal Clooney were fighting over traveling Lake Como. According to the tabloid, the Ocean 11’s actor “shocked” his wife with plans to leave Hollywood and go to the couple’s lakeside mansion in Italy. The magazine contended this scenario had George and Amal “at each other's throats” because Italy was the last place Amal wanted to be. However, due to the current epidemic with the coronavirus, traveling was restricted at the time. But Gossip Cop didn’t find any evidence that suggests the actor would leave his wife and children to fly out to Italy in the middle of a pandemic.

Screen shot from Intolerable Cruelty with George Clooney laughing on the left and Catherine Zeta-Jones smiling on the right.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Came Between George And Amal?

Yet, a little over a week later, a separate report from New Idea asserted George Clooney was in hot water with Amal over Catherine Zeta-Jones. First, the magazine’s headline alleged George was entangled in an affair with Zeta-Jones. Then, the outlet’s accompanying article claimed Amal Clooney “blacklisted” Zeta-Jones from George’s inner circle after spouses argued over George reuniting with his former co-star. Supposed insiders told the publication George was “working on a script” for himself and Zeta-Jones but Amal “begged” her husband to work with “anyone but Catherine.” Not only was the tabloid misleading with its phony headline, but then it tried to insinuate Amal was jealous of The Mask of Zorro actress. The most suspicious part of the tale with this “script” George was working on but Gossip Cop found no trace of any movie in the works. We busted the bogus piece at the time.

Amal Clooney on the left, George Clooney on the right

Did George And Amal Separate?

Last month, Life & Style claimed George and Amal Clooney were going through a “trial separation.” Once again, the magazine deceived its readers with promises of “surprising” photos and “fights over money.” A so-called insider dished to the publication the Clooneys' were in the midst of “a trial separation” due to the anxiety over the pandemic and money issues. The story took an even more dramatic turn when it contended Prince Harry and Megan Markle were taking George’s “side” in the situation by letting him stay “the home they’re borrowing from Tyler Perry in Beverly Hills.” But, where were these “shocking” photos the tabloid promised it’s readers? Gossip Cop determined the story was a classic bait and switch tactic and debunked the phony tale.

Will George And Amal Clooney Last? Our Answer Is Yes

So where do the Clooneys stand now? The tabloids are all over the place with various narratives about the Clooneys and their marriage. What’s even more outrageous is how little the tabloids know about the Clooneys yet are bold enough to create these appalling stories. Could it be the media truly despises Amal Clooney? There have been such disturbing rumors about the Lebanese-British lawyer who’s done nothing wrong. Nonetheless, Gossip Cop can say that the Clooneys are still very much together and until we see otherwise, in a happy marriage.


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