The Game Ordered To Pay Former Nanny $200,000 After Defamatory Instagram Rant

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The Game Sued Nanny Instagram Defamation Lawsuit

By Andrew Shuster |

The Game Sued Nanny Instagram Defamation Lawsuit

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The Game has been ordered to pay more than $200,000 to his children’s former nanny, Karen Monroe, after he allegedly defamed her in an Instagram rant, according to a decision by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Monroe sued the rapper in July 2013 for defamation after he posted a series of comments on social media accusing her of neglecting his children and called her a “very dangerous baby sitter.”

Monroe’s suit alleged The Game lied when he claimed to have fired her for yelling at his kids, having sex with her boyfriend in the children’s bedroom, and leaving Northern California to “escape from her past of inappropriately touching children.” The Game also supposedly posted a photo of Monroe, along with the caption, “Beware if this person is watching your children.” The Game ignored the lawsuit, leading to Monroe’s lawyer to see and win a default judgment against the 35-year-old rapper.

The damages Monroe endured, according to her attorney, included death threats and losing her job as a nanny to singers Kelis and Nas’ son. Monroe’s lawyer said in court papers that millions of The Game’s followers on social media saw his defamatory comments, which included such “profane slurs” as “You can rape as many kids as you want and catch diseases” and “Take your passport and go to Africa.”

In a sworn statement, Monroe declared that “reputation is everything in the celebrity nanny business,”and that The Game’s comment will prevent her from being hired by another famous person. She also said, as a result of the rapper’s postings, she’s suffered emotional distress, including depression and extreme mood swings. What do you think of the decision against The Game?


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