The Game Kicked Out Of Australia

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The Game Kicked Out Australia

By Shari Weiss |

The Game Kicked Out Australia

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The Game was kicked out of Australia on Friday, though he barely stepped foot in the country.

The rapper was down under for a series of shows, but wasn’t able to leave the airport. Going through customs upon his arrival, it was discovered The Game didn’t have the proper visa for the visit. He was forbidden from coming into the country and was instead sent away by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

That’s a different version of events than what was initially claimed when it was revealed The Game would no longer be participating in the 2016 Raggamuffin Festival in New Zealand on Saturday. A message posted on the event’s Facebook page says, “Raggamuffin is desperately sad to announce that The Game has missed his flight from Dubai. This is also going to affect Australian dates. Raggamuffin has been on the phone to The Game and his manager and he’s agreed to come back in September when we will present three shows around NZ.”

But despite the festival organizers putting the blame on The Game for supposedly missing his flight, the performer confirmed on Instagram that it all due to the aforementioned legal issue when he touched down. “We were denied entry once we landed at Customs,” he wrote in a since-deleted post. It’s unclear if The Game is also rescheduling his Australian tour, which was slated to include five shows between February 22 and February 27.


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