#TheDress Official Color Is Blue and Black, Says Dress Company Roman Originals

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The Dress Color

By Daniel Gates |

The Dress Color

(Instagram/Roman Originals)

#TheDress is black and blue. Roman Originals, the company that makes the dress, says it’s black and blue. Laura Coleman, the model who was the first to wear #TheDress for promotional purposes, says it’s black and blue. The debate is closed. Or is it?

You know #TheDress. It’s the dress behind the “What Color Is This Dress?” question that has divided the world (well, at least the Internet) for the last 24 hours, driving everyone from Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian to your mom and your old high school friends on Facebook insane.

A picture of #TheDress dress went CRAZY-viral on Thursday after it was posted on social media. When some people look at the dress, they see black and blue. Others see white and gold. Some people see it one way and then the other way five minutes later. It has become the most important (or annoying) question of our time. But there’s an actual answer: It’s blue and black.

A rep for Roman Originals says it’s blue and black. The model, Coleman, posted an Instagram shot of herself wearing the dress and captioned it, “Okay so I was the first to wear this dress and just to confirm it’s definitely black and blue! #thedress.” There are currently ivory, scarlet, pink and royal-blue versions of the dress on the Roman Originals site. You can buy one for about $77. There is NOT a white and gold version. So it’s settled. Gossip Cop can officially declare #TheDress is blue and black. If you don’t believe us, just take another look at the dress below. Wait… is it white and gold?!




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