The Chainsmokers On ‘Howard Stern’: Lady Gaga Diss “Taken Out Of Context” (AUDIO)

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The Chainsmokers Howard Stern Lady Gaga

By Andrew Shuster |

The Chainsmokers Howard Stern Lady Gaga

(Howard Stern Show)

The Chainsmokers took heat last year after dissing one of Lady Gaga’s songs in an interview, but the EDM duo explained on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” that their words were “taken out of context.” Listen to the audio below.

Alex Pall, one member of the DJ pair, slammed Gaga’s single “Perfect Illusion” in an October 2016 Rolling Stone interview, bluntly saying, “It sucks.” The singer’s fans quickly turned on the EDM artists, and even musicians such as Mark Ronson and Halsey came to Gaga’s defense. When asked about the controversy on Stern’s radio show, Pall maintained, “I just didn’t like [the song],” but further noted, “We’ve actually since reached out to her. It was really taken out of context because we were talking about how much we respect her as an artist and everything she’s done.”

Pall went on to explain that his criticism “came out so much worse” than he intended, but the ordeal helped him learn a valuable lesson about spilling his opinions to the media. “I’m 32 now and no one’s given a sh*t about what I’ve said for the first 30 years of my life,” the DJ said. “I felt bad because I don’t think it’s cool to make those sort of judgements [in public] anyway. Like, keep it to yourself.” Pall further clarified that he thinks Gaga “kills it” and acknowledged that his evaluation of her song “came off conceited.” Listen to a highlight from The Chainsmokers’ “Howard Stern Show” interview.

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