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The British royal family is the first family of United Kingdom and the first family of wild and untrue tabloid stories. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have dominated these false reports lately, but Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince William and Kate Middleton are not far behind. All have faced unfair and untrue stories about them that Gossip Cop has repeatedly debunked.

The supermarket tabloids often rely on American consumers that may not understand how the royal family tree is structured to perpetuate these phony reports and in an effort to help clear up how often the tabloids take advantage of this understandable lack of knowledge about them, we here at Gossip Cop have put together a handy family tree. The members of the family that are most affect by the gossip media and where they fall in the family are all a part of the tree.

The Full Royal Family Tree Goes Way Back

Rather than take the family all the way to say, Queen Victoria, or even William I, whose reign that began in 1066 marks the beginning of the modern monarchy, we’ve simply gone back to King George V, who reigned from 1910 until his death in 1936. We chose to start the royal family tree with him because in 1917 he changed the name of the family from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the current House of Windsor during World War One.

George V was the grandson of one of the United Kingdom’s most revered and famous sovereigns, Queen Victoria. He is also the father of one the most notorious kings, King Edward VIII, who famously abdicated the thrown to marry the love of his life, American Walis Simpson. His brother, known as Prince Albert until he became king, was coronated as King George VI after the abdication. His eldest daughter was known as Princess Elizabeth until his death in 1952, when she became Queen Elizabeth II.

The Line Of Succession

The current line of succession starts with the heir-apparent, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, Prince Charles. Next in line is his son with Princess Diana, Prince William. When Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry was born, the Duke of Sussex was third in line for the crown, though after the births of Prince William’s three children with Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Harry has dropped to 6th in line. Prince George is now 3rd.

Gossip Cop has also repeatedly explained that the queen does not determine the line of succession, there are a number of laws, made by parliament, that determine not only the order, but what qualifies a member of the family to be in the line. It’s also worth noting that a king can have a queen as his consort, but a queen cannot have a king. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, for example, it Prince Philip, not King Philip. Kate Middleton, however, will likely be Queen Catherine when her husband ascends to the throne after Prince Charles.

A caveat here is that Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles will not be named queen as part of an agreement between the family and Parliament when they got married, because she is a divorcee and Prince Charles’ second wife.

The modern family, as it is today in 2020

The Royal Family Of The United Kingdom In 2020


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