‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: JoJo Fletcher Called “Naggy” By Chad, Sends Three Home

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JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette may 30 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette may 30 recap


“The Bachelorette” episode two had JoJo Fletcher taking 10 contestants on a group date to a firefighter training academy. There was also a one-on-one date by San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, and six other men competing in a sports-themed challenge that had them meeting with ESPN’s “SportsNation” hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley. And in the show’s second episode, we also meet the season’s first villian, Chad, who called Fletcher “naggy.”

Monday’s show began with a limo pulling up to the mansion and then bursting into flames, leading the men to question whether Fletcher was inside. But a moment later, she drove up in a firefighter’s uniform on a firetruck, and after putting the limo blaze out, she told the 10 men they were going to compete in a number of drills at a firefighting training facility. The men who were invited on this season’s first group date were Ali, Daniel, Evan, Grant, James F., Luke, Robby, Vinny, Wells, and Will.

The premise was that Fletcher was looking to see who could take care of her during an emergency situation. The men competed in a number of firemen drills, leaving Wells, a thin radio deejay, feeling faint from all the exercise and heavy equipment. Still, because he didn’t give up, along with Luke and Grant, Wells made the final three, who were then tasked with saving Fletcher from a burning tower on the facilities. It was a close competition between Luke and Grant, but in the end, Grant, a professional firefighter, won the competition.

Later that evening, though, he lost to Grant, Luke made out with Fletcher. She also briefly kissed Grant that night, and talked at length with Wells. Shockingly, Wells got the group date’s rose.

The next morning, Derek got to take the Bachelorette on the first one-on-one date. For their romantic day together, they flew up to San Franscico, where they had a picnic lunch and wine by the Golden Gate Bridge. In front of the picturesque setting, Derek and Fletcher kissed.

During their evening date, Derek talked about how he hasn’t been in a serious relationship in a number of years. He told the Bachelorette that his last girlfriend hurt him. Still, they kissed some more, and Fletcher gave Derek a rose.

The next group date had six guys doing a variety of sports-related challenges at ESPN, where “SportsNation” hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley judged them. The men chosen for this date were Alex, Chad, Christian, James Taylor, Jordan and Nick B. The guys first had to compete against each other for the best touchdown dance while holding a fake rose. Next, they had to spin their heads around a baseball bat and then dizzily propose to Fletcher with an oversized ring. And finally, the six men had to participate in a press conference moderated by Kellerman and Wiley.

One of the more eyebrow-raising moments was when Chad spun around the bat and while proposing told Fletcher she was already “naggy.” Suffice to say, the remark caused a lot of talk between the other men and the ESPN co-hosts. During his “press conference” challenge, Chad acknowledged that he could tell Fletcher “didn’t seem happy” about being called “naggy,” but unlike the other men, he said he wasn’t fake.

Earlier in the episode, Chad was called “toxic,” a “super douche,” and publicly stated that he’s “way better than the other guys.” Even though, he’s clearly the villain amongst the other bachelors, Fletcher seemed to still want to give him a chance. While he’s with the Bachelorette later that night, Chad told Fletcher about how he hasn’t been in a relationship for four years and how his mom died six months earlier. They then tossed a coin into a wishing well and made out.

That evening, however, Fletcher gave James Taylor the group rose not only because he won the ESPN contest, but also because she felt he’s a good guy worth getting to know more.

At the cocktail party, Chad ticked off the men even more by interrupting them to talk to Fletcher. He also annoyed them by eating all the meat put out for the guys. Chad was even confronted by some of the men, but he didn’t seem to care and walked away. But later, he got in the face of Ali, who called him “disrespectful.”

At the rose ceremony that followed, three men were eliminated. The guys sent home were Brandon, who first introduced himself to Fletcher during the premiere as knowing “nothing about you,” “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” superfan James S., and Will, a civil engineer from New Jersey.


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