‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: JoJo Fletcher Eliminates Two In Buenos Aires

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JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette june 27 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette june 27 recap


JoJo Fletcher took the men to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she had a one-on-one date, a group date, and a two-on-one date, resulting in two guys being sent home. Get the full recap below of episode six of this season’s “The Bachelorette.”

Monday’s episode began with the remaining eight men arriving in Buenos Aires. For her one-on-one date, JoJo and Wells took a romantic stroll through the city, where they stopped at an outdoor market and he bought her a bracelet. They then took part in a performance art show called “Fuerza Bruta,” where Wells was “shot” and “bled,” and they writhed, wiggled, and kissed in a whirlpool. Up until then, Wells was the only bachelor who hadn’t kissed JoJo. And once they did, JoJo exclaimed, “We did it!”

Later, they shared dinner in an ornate mansion, where Wells talked about his last big relationship. JoJo, however, struggled to connect with him. The Bachelorette eventually told Wells she “didn’t feel 100 percent” with him,” and added, “I don’t know if you are the person I will spend the rest of my life with.” And with that, JoJo informed Wells, “I’m not able to give you this rose tonight,” and he went home.

For her group date, JoJo took Alex, James Taylor, Jordan, Luke and Robby to the artsy neighborhood of La Boca. While there, the men played in a pickup game of soccer with the locals. Throughout the game, there was footage of James Taylor talking about how he was jealous of the other men’s looks and bodies. “I’m not the sexy dude in the house,” he said.

That night, JoJo spent a little alone time with the different men, including Luke, with whom she made out. Next, James Taylor used his private moments with the Bachelorette to knock down Jordan. JoJo then wanted to speak with Jordan about acting “entitled” and “snotty,” which he denied. Afterwards, it was uncomfortable between Jordan and James Taylor in front of the other guys. Ultimately, Luke got the date rose.

JoJo’s two-on-one date was with Chase and Derek during which the three went tango dancing, even though it “only takes two to tango.” At times, she was passed from one man to the other. During time with JoJo that night, Derek told her he was falling for her, and then the two made out. While with Chase, the Bachelorette expressed how she’s scared she likes him more than he feels for her. And, at first, Chase didn’t exactly seem to dissuade her of that while they were alone.

But then Chase finally gave JoJo the “validation” she wanted, which was that he had growing feelings for her. They then made out. In the end, the Bachelorette said adios to Derek. Chase got the date rose, and the two danced as South American superstar Soledad Pastorutti serenaded the two with the song “Don’t Cry For me Argentina” from Evita. Meanwhile, Derek, who was sure he was going to get the rose, if not end up with JoJo, rode off in tears.

At the rose ceremony, JoJo gave out two of the three remaining roses to Jordan and Robby, and then walked out. She told Chris Harrison she couldn’t give the last rose to either Alex or James Taylor. But when she returned, there were two roses of her tray, and she gave them to both guys. JoJo said she was “relieved” because she “couldn’t say goodbye to any of you guys.”


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