The Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Takes Guys To Texas, Sends Three Home

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kaitlyn bristowe bachelorette june 15 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

kaitlyn bristowe bachelorette june 15 recap


“The Bachelorette” episode 5 had Kaitlyn Bristowe taking the guys down to Texas for two-step dancing, Mariachi singing, kayaking and a lot of drama. But before the men headed South, there was a less than civil war brewing up North in New York, where the guys were still steaming over Nick Viall being allowed on the show.

Monday night’s show began with Nick getting grilled by the guys in a New York hotel, where they wondered why he was there and whether he was looking for his “16th minute of fame.” Nick tried to convince them that he truly was there for Bristowe, but no one believed him.

There was then a cocktail reception and the rose ceremony at Citi Field, where the New York Mets play. JJ took Bristowe on to the field and carried her around the bases. Back inside the cocktail party, contestant after contestant griped to her about Nick’s presence. Shawn B., who Bristowe herself said she felt a “connection” with from “Day 1,” also said he was uncomfortable with Nick being back. “The Bachelorette” then said she began to question whether she made a mistake letting him join the group. But when it came time for the rose ceremony, Bristowe kept Nick and sent Corey, Jonathan, and Ryan B. home.

After the elimination, the remaining 12 men head to San Antonio, where Ben H. was chosen to take part in a two-step dance competition at Gruene Hall, the oldest dancehall in Texas. He and Bristowe practiced with a dance instructor during the day. That evening, they were pitted against two dozen other couples. They weren’t very good, and after the second round they got eliminated. And even though it didn’t work out on the dance floor, they kissed, and had a sunset dinner together during which he opened up about an ex-girlfriend. Ultimately, Bristowe gave Ben H. a rose.

The next day, there was a group date with Ben Z., Chris, Ian, Jared, JJ, Joe, Joshua, Justin, Nick, and Tanner. They went to a ranch in Boerne, Texas, where a 12-year-old Mariachi star named Sebastian De La Cruz taught the guys about Mariachi singing. They then wrote their own Mariachi songs and serenaded her in public. Many were bad, including Nick, whose song involved a rhyme about having a “big erection.”

Later that night, Nick got some alone time outdoors with “The Bachelorette,” and the two made out. Also, for some inexplicable, Joshua let Bristowe shave a part of his head. He also told her how Nick “feels wrong” and “not one person” likes him. Bristowe was so disturbed by it, she met with all the guys, who said they were actually now fine with Nick. “The Bachelorette” then gave Nick a rose.

There was one more one-on-one date, and it had Shawn B. and Bristowe kayaking down the River Walk. They later had an emotional talk, during which Shawn B. revealed he was in a horrific car accident in New Hampshire that left him hospitalized for months. While kissing that evening, he told her, “I’m falling in love with you.” Bristowe said she was also falling for him. As they sat and made out in the Botanical Gardens, fireworks went off overhead. Not surprisingly, Bristowe gave Shawn B. a date rose.

Before the next cocktail party, Ian pulled Bristowe aside and got in her face, saying he felt she was just on the show to “make out with a bunch of dudes on TV.” A Princeton graduate and former model, he was also shocked by and tired of her rejecting him. The episode ended with Bristowe pissed off.


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