‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits To Shawn She “Had Sex” With Nick, Starts Overnight Dates

kaitlyn bristowe bachelorette july 6 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

kaitlyn bristowe bachelorette july 6 recap


“The Bachelorette” episode 8 had Kaitlyn Bristowe still in Ireland, first narrowing the remaining five men down to three, and then going on overnight dates with them. But before all that, Bristowe finally admitted to Shawn that she “had sex” with his rival, Nick.

This week’s episode began with Bristowe going on a one-on-one date with Ben H. and a three-on-one date with Joe, Nick, and Shawn. Bristowe’s one-on-one date with Jared took place days earlier.

For Bristowe’s one-on-one date with Ben H., they went to Innisfallen Island. And to get there, Ben H. had to row her in a small boat. Once on the island, they played hide-and-go-seek among the historic centuries-old ruins. They then enjoyed wine and talked about what they wanted for the future. She tells the camera that it “feels good, feels right” with Ben H. Not surprisingly, there was plenty of kissing.

Later that evening, Ben H. said his biggest fear is loving someone but being rejected or not being even “lovable,” but Bristowe assured him he’s “lovable.” When talking about overnight dates, Ben H. said they shouldn’t feel obligated to get physical, prompting “The Bachelorette” to ask whether he was a virgin. He’s not.

Bristowe next had a group date with Joe, Nick and Shawn in Killarney National Park. While there, she and Shawn had some alone time and talked about getting “back on track” and kissed. She and Nick also made out during there time away from the other two men. When Joe had his time with Bristowe, he said he was ready to get engaged and told Bristowe he was “in love” with her. And they kissed, too. But Bristowe had to tell him that she’s “not on the same page right now,” causing him to get ticked off. Moments later, “The Bachelorette” sent Joe home.

Bristowe still had a date rose to give to either Shawn or Nick, but didn’t. However, she wanted to spend more time with Shawn that day and tell him about sleeping with Nick. That night, they went out for drinks and Bristowe said that there’s “something on my mind… Don’t know how to say this.” She then explained that after a one-on-one with Nick, “We went back to my place, and I feel like it went too far… It’s hard to admit, but we had sex.”

After going to the bathroom to think, Shawn returned and acknowledged he was “upset,” but told “The Bachelorette” that she was “the only thing I want out of this,” and so he was going to “man up” and “fight past” his hurt. “I think you’re worth it,” he added.

There was no cocktail party, with Bristowe electing to go straight to the rose ceremony. Her first rose went to Shawn, but before accepting it, he asked if they could talk privately. Once away from the other guys, Shawn asked why she would sleep with Nick and “jeopardize us.” Bristowe responded that she was there to “explore other relationships.” He ultimately accepted her rose. Next, Ben H. got a rose, leaving it between Jared and Nick for the final rose. In the end, Jared was eliminated, and couldn’t have been more of a class act as he went home, albeit in tears.

The overnight dates then began in Ireland. The first date was with Nick. Bristowe began to feel their relationship was no longer just physical, but also “spiritual.” While at a bar during the day, a local, who had been married for 36 years, said the secret to a good marriage was “trust.” “The Bachelorette” and Nick then toasted everyone in the bar. At night in a historic jail, Nick and Bristowe talked a lot, even about Shawn, before heading to the Fantasy Suite.

The next morning, we see a shirtless Nick with Bristowe enjoying breakfast. She said she had a good time with him. But it got super tense afterwards when Shawn came over to Nick’s room and confronted him for being untrustworthy and “manipulative.” The two were really arguing as Monday’s show ended. What did you think of this week’s episode?


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