‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: JoJo Fletcher Goes On Hometown Dates

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JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette july 18 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette july 18 recap

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JoJo Fletcher returned to the U.S. for her hometown dates, which had her meeting with the families of the four remaining men. Get the full recap below of episode eight of this season’s “The Bachelorette.”

Monday’s episode began with the remaining four men, Chase, Jordan, Luke and Robby, back in the U.S. for their hometown dates with JoJo. Her first stop was in Highlands Ranch, Colorado to visit with Chase’s family, but first he had to explain to JoJo that she was going to meet his parents individually because of their “really bad” divorce. Chase’s dad discussed with JoJo why his first marriage didn’t work and noted that he didn’t want his son to make the same mistakes.

Later, she met Chase’s mom and other family members. After dinner, Chase’s mom told the Bachelorette that he’s “evolved” and moved on from his parents’ divorce. He then talked to his sister and mother about how he’s fallen for JoJo. Chase even told her he was “in love” with her before she drove away for her next hometown date.

JoJo was then off to Chico, California to meet Jordan’s family. They first stopped off at his high school, where they talked to his football coach, walked through the hallways, and kissed out on the field. JoJo asked about Aaron, but Jordan made it clear he didn’t want to discuss his brother.

Following that, JoJo was introduced to Jordan’s parents and brother, who she called “amazing. She later spoke privately with his brother Luke, who similarly alluded to the family “fallout” with Aaron. Mostly, Jordan’s brother assured her, “He’ll go to battle for you.” JoJo’s talk with his dad went well, too. Before JoJo took off for her next hometown date, Jordan made it clear he was ready to get engaged.

Next, JoJo arrived in St. Augustine, Florida to meet with Robby and his family. While there, she and Robby rode in a horse-drawn carriage through the historic town to a restaurant on the water. Over lunch, the Bachelorette expressed concern about Robby having broken up with his last girlfriend only three months before. But Robby told her that was all in “the past.”

The Bachelorette then met Robby’s mom and dad, two brothers and two sisters. After dinner, JoJo spent some alone time with his mom, during which she asked about his ex-girlfriend. She even confided to Robby’s mother that she’s “falling in love” with him.

Robby’s mom privately told him that his ex’s roommate has been claiming online that he “broke up with her to go on the show.” He got so upset by it that he interrupted JoJo hanging out with his sisters to tell her about the “chatter.” Even though he swore it was untrue, JoJo wasn’t entirely convinced and begged him to “just be honest.” But Robby told the Bachelorette that the allegation was “not even close.”

When they said goodbye to each other, JoJo felt that she had to trust him. Robby, for his part, told her in between kisses that he was “excited about a future together.” Still, after she left, he voiced how “heartbroken” he would be if she believed the rumors and ended up with any of the three other guys.

JoJo’s last hometown visit was with Luke in his small town of Burnet, Texas. Not only did she meet Luke’s family, but also 50 friends who came over to his home for a picnic. He caught up with his father and said that he was ready to open up to her, knowing that his family liked her.

Following a barbecue with his family, they rode horses to a different part of his family’s property, where Luke told JoJo, “I want us.” They then walked to another area, where he had flowers set up in the shape of a heart, and kissed. Before she drove away, both Luke and JoJo told each other how much they were going to miss one another while apart.

Moments before the rose ceremony, JoJo said she felt connected to each of the men. And even though the decision was tough, the Bachelorette revealed she was going to say goodbye to Luke. But before she could send him home, Luke asked if he could talk to her.

The two then walked away, and while separate from the three remaining men, Luke confessed to JoJo that he was falling in love with her. While that was what JoJo wanted to hear, and even told him so, it caused her to have a mini-meltdown before the episode ended with a note that read, “To be continued.”


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