Rachel Lindsay ‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere Recap: Who Got Roses, Who Got Sent Home

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Premiere Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Premiere Recap


The Bachelorette” Season 13 premiered on Monday with Rachel Lindsay on her second search for love on the “Bachelor” franchise. She appeared, of course, on last season’s “The Bachelor” with Nick Viall. Now, she has 31 men vying for her heart.

The show opened with Rachel doing a photo shoot for “The Bachelorette,” followed by the attorney arguing a case in court. We also see her driving to Los Angeles with her dog Copper. After that, viewers got to see video packages of eight men,who are hoping to propose to Rachel at the end of the season.

First is Kenny, a 31-year-old professional wrestler from Las Vegas. We see him wrestling, and then that’s juxtaposed with him sweetly talking to his 10-year-old-daughter-McKenzie. “I’m going to miss you,” he tells her.” After Kenny we meet Jack, also 31, from Dallas. Like Rachel, he’s a lawyer. He talked about being an only child and how his mother, with whom he was close, died when he was still in high school.

Next is Alex, a 28-year-old information systems supervisor from Detroit. We witness him working out, though he says he’s a big “nerd” who enjoys video games and coding. Following him is Mohit. He’s 26, and he’s been Bollywood dancing since he was 6. He lives in San Francisco and is launching a start-up.

We’re next introduced to 30-year-old Lucas from Santa Monica, who’s a little too energetic. And he likes to scream the nonsensical word “Whaboom” a lot while wildly shaking his head. Then there’s 31-year-old Blake E., a personal trainer from Venice, and not surprisingly he’s proud of his body. During his introduction video, he says, “Women have told me about the amazingness of my penis” and that his last relationship was “sex based.” Still, Blake E. feels, “Sex shouldn’t be the center of a relationship.”

Next is Kenneth, who goes by the nickname “Diggy.” Hailing from Chicago, the 31-year-old senior inventory analyst digs clothes and boasts about having 575 pairs of sneakers. And finally is Josiah, another attorney. He’s 28-year-old and from Fort Lauderdale. He tragically shares that his older brother hanged himself when Josiah was just 7, and how he was the one who cut his brother down from the tree he used to commit suicide. After that horrific life experience, Josiah was arrested for burglary when he was just 12. He said a judge warned him about wasting his life, and that he believed Josiah could do better things. And now Josiah helps out kids in similar predicament.

Before Rachel meets her 31 men, she talks to Alexis, Astrid, Corinne, Jasmine, Kristina, Raven, and Whitney from last season’s “The Bachelor.” While they shoot the breeze, Whitney causally mentions that Sarah from their season knows one of the men, a 30-year-old executive recruit from Los Angeles named DeMario, and she warned Rachel that he has a girlfriend back at home. Still, the lawyer turned reality star isn’t going to rely on hearsay.

It’s then limo time. The first man “The Bachelorette” meets in the driveway in front of the mansion is Peter, who’s 31 and owns a business in Madison. Referring to Nick Viall, he jokes that she hasn’t had much luck with guys from Wisconsin. Still, she says, “He’s cute,” and feels she’s “off to a good start.”

Josiah, the lawyer, tells “The Bachelorette” that he knows after they get to know each other, she’ll have “no reasonable doubt” they’re meant to be together. “See ya later, litigator,” he says as he heads into the mansion. Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, tells Rachel he’s “trouble,” to which she responds, “I look forward to getting into trouble.”

Then there’s Will, a 28-year-old sales manager, who comes dressed as Urkel. He tells her, “Did I do that?” He then goes back into the limo and comes out looking dapper in a suit. Meanwhile, male model Brady brings a sledgehammer and a slab of ice. The 28-year-old notes he’s trying to “break the ice.” And then there’s Dean, a 26-year-old startup recruiter, who told Rachel when they net during last season’s “After The Final Rose” episode, “I’m ready to go black.” Dean asks if he crossed the line, but Rachel assures him she wasn’t offended.

Other men we see again following their brief introduction on the “After The Final Rose” special are DeMario, Blake E., and Eric, who picks up with the dance he did with her on that show. For his part, Blake E. shows up with a marching band, which begs the question about how amazing his genitals could really be. He tells “The Bachelorette” that he wanted to “drum up something new for you.”

On the border of cool and creepy is Fred, a 27-year-old executive assistant in Dallas. He brings Rachel a yearbook and shows her photos from when he was in 3rd grade and she was in 8th at the same school. “The Bachelorette” remembers him, and tells the camera that he was a “very bad” kid. Not creepy enough? OK, there’s a 31-year-old doctor named Jonathan, who says he heard she likes to laugh. After she acknowledges that she does, he tells her to close her eyes and then tickles her.

Still not creepy enough? Adam, a 27-year-old real estate agent from Dallas, emerges with a small mannequin that looks like him, and who he calls Adam, Jr. or “A.J.” Equally memorable is the entrance by Lee, a 30-year-old singer-songwriter from Nashville, who serenades Rachel while playing guitar.

Last year there was dolphin girl. This year is penguin boy. His name is Matt, and he’s 32 and works in construction in Connecticut. Matt explains to “The Bachelorette” that “penguins mate for life.” After him is Grant, a 29-year-old emergency medicine physician from New York, who arrives in an ambulance with the sirens blasting.

And then there’s Lucas, aka “Whaboom,” who arrives with a megaphone, and tells Rachel he has one testicle that’s bigger than the other. He then says, “I’m Lucas, and you are?” Lucas gives “The Bachelorette” a “glimpse” of “Whaboom,” which involves an insane amount of head shaking. When he enters the mansion, the other guys say, “That’s the crazy one.”

The evening’s cocktail party kicks off with Josiah pulling Rachel aside and sharing his sad life story, and explaining why he became a lawyer. He recalls how the judge gave him a “second chance,” and tells “The Bachelorette” he’s now doing the same thing with other kids at risk. Afterwards, Rachel makes time for Adam’s alter-ego “A.J.,” who got a rose. Just kidding. She’s spooked by Adam’s little dummy.

Fred then makes time with Rachel, who notes she recognized him as soon as he walked out of the limo. She also remembers being his camp counselor and that he was a “bad little boy.” And while she thinks he’s now attractive, she admits she can’t get the vision of him as a child out of her mind.

Of course, there’s the requisite drunk guy, and this season it’s Mohit. He’s totally wasted before even trying to talk to “The Bachelorette.” Also seemingly out of his mandate the cocktail party is Lucas, aka “Whaboom,” who keeps yelling the word into his megaphone. He even screams “Whaboom” as Peter is trying to woo Rachel on the sofa.

When Bryan is with “The Bachelorette,” he talks about being good with his hands because he’s a chiropractor. Arguably, he’s pretty good with his mouth, too, because Rachel is enjoying every minute with him. He’s “good trouble,” she says, before they share a kiss, her first of the season.

Rachel tells the camera she didn’t plan on kissing anyone on the first night, but she “enjoyed” it. It worked because Bryan got the first impression rose, which led to more kissing. Rachel revealed to her suitor that she “felt something that was unexplainable” when they met. “There was something there,” she further told Bryan.

Of course, not all 31 men got roses. In fact, eight guys were sent home on the first night. The first eliminated were Blake K., Grant, Jedidiah, Kyle, Michael, Milton, Mohit, and Rob.

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