The Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Gives Out Roses And Sends Guys Home

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Kaitlyn Bristowe The Bachelorette Recap May 19

By Michael Lewittes |

Kaitlyn Bristowe The Bachelorette Recap May 19


“The Bachelorette” is Kaitlyn Bristowe! The episode began with Chris Harrison telling Britt Nilsson that the men voted and “unfortunately, you’re not going to be the bachelorette.” He noted the “vote was very close,” and then escorted her to a car that drove her away. Not surprisingly, Nilsson cried in the car about how she had hoped to find that special guy. When Harrison told Bristowe she was new bachelorette she said she was both “excited” and wanted to “throw up.”

Bristowe, who got her heart broken last season by “The Bachelor” Chris Soules, was then introduced to the 24 different men who would be vying for her heart. It should have been 25 but, as Gossip Cop reported on Monday, Ryan M. got thrown off the show for being drunk, grabbing Bristowe’s behind, and making a comment about “raping” another contestant.

At the cocktail party, Joshua, an industrial worked, gave her a rose he made out of steel. Meanwhile, Jared, the Rhode Island restaurant manager who showed off his “Love Man” T-shirt when he came out of the limo, told Bristowe that he picked Nilsson, but would like to still stay and get to know her.

Bristowe continued to go from man to man, even kissing Chris the dentist, who came up to the mansion in the cupcake car. But he was hardly the only guy she kissed. Kaitlyn made out with personal trainer Shawn B. She told him, “I’m really attracted to you” and “can’t wait to take you on a date,” before giving him the first impression rose. A little while later, Bristowe starting giving out the roses.

While handing out the roses to different men, Brady piped up and asked Bristowe if they could have a word, and so they went to a different part of the house, where the singer-songwriter from Nashville said “my heart” is with Britt, and wanted to leave to see if the two of them might work out. And with that, Brady was gone.

Bristol then eliminated Shawn E., who drove up in the hot tub car; Josh, the law student and male stripper; David, a real estate agent; and Bradley, an auto shipper. What did you think of the first rose ceremony?


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