‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Recap: JoJo Fletcher Engaged To Jordan Rodgers (VIDEO)

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JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette Finale recap

By Michael Lewittes |

JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette Finale recap


JoJo Fletcher got engaged to Jordan Rodgers on “The Bachelorette” finale. But before she accepted his proposal, JoJo first introduced Jordan and Robby to her parents and went on one last date with each man. Get “The Bachelorette” finale recap here, and watch the proposal below!

The final episode of this season’s “The Bachelorette” began with JoJo confused because she thought she was in love with both Robby and Jordan. She admitted she was “torn,” and often thought of Robby when she’s with Jordan and thought of Jordan when she was with Robby.

Jordan was the first to meet JoJo’s parents in Thailand. Her mother expressed that she thought he was “likable,” but a “playboy.” When she met privately with Jordan she made him promise to “never break my daughter’s heart,” to which Jordan agreed. But with JoJo, her mom noted that she was concerned they were “too much alike.” Her mother then said, “I love Jordan. Who doesn’t like Jordan?” adding, “That’s the problem.”

Jordan next spoke to JoJo’s dad. He had planned to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, but the conversation didn’t go as well as Jordan had expected and didn’t ask for permission to marry JoJo. Naturally, JoJo said to the camera that she was “pretty confident Jordan asked permission.”

Next, Robby was introduced to her parents. Immediately, the Bachelorette’s mom felt he was a “gentlemen.” Robby told her mother, “I love your daughter,” and that he loves her more and more every day. He then spoke to her dad, as well, and assured both parents that JoJo was his “number one priority in life.” Robby followed that up by asking “for your blessing to marry” their daughter. In turn, JoJo’s dad told Robby, “She trusts you… She loves you.” JoJo then told the camera that knowing her family loves Robby made her love him even more.

Not surprisingly, JoJo was even more confused, and had hoped her final dates with Jordan and Robby would help her make a decision. Though it seemed like Robby had won over everyone, JoJo claimed she was still confused. “I don’t know. I don’t know,” she repeated.”

JoJo sat with her family afterwards and asked what they thought. Clearly, they thought Robby was the better man, but JoJo kept defending Jordan. In tears, she told them she didn’t know what to do, and didn’t even think she could make a decision. And even if she did, the Bachelorette said she was afraid she would always wonder if she made the right choice.

JoJo then went on her last date with Robby in Phuket. Of course, they went to a beach and stripped down to bathing suits before jumping in the water and kissing. They then spent more time on the beach kissing before she came over to his hotel room. He kept reiterating how he had “no doubt” about the fact that he was the right guy for her or his love for the Bachelorette. JoJo responded, “I don’t have a doubt with you.”

In a testimonial, JoJo said what she had with Robby was “true love,” and that he’s been what she’s “been waiting for.” “I see a lifetime with him,” she added. But that’s not all. JoJo revealed that she was “excited” to say “yes” to him proposing.

The next date was with Jordan. They took a boat to an area in the ocean, where they got into a kayak and paddled under some caves to a private remote area. While JoJo acknowledged in voice-over that he’s her “best friend,” she said she had “fears.” While they sat together, Jordan told her he didn’t ask for her dad’s “blessing,” though he wanted to. The Bachelorette replied, “I doubt that you’re ready.” Jordan didn’t really have a good explanation for why he didn’t ask her father for her hand in marriage, which JoJo told him made her “scared” and unsure.

JoJo then went to Jordan’s hotel room, where she said she wanted him to be “honest.” He told her he related to her whole family that he wanted to marry her, but JoJo voiced that she wasn’t entirely sure whether he was being “honest” with himself. For the most part, it seemed uncomfortable, even as he kept telling JoJo, “I love you.”

Robby was the first to meet with famed jeweler Neil Lane and pick out a diamond ring to use when proposing to JoJo. Before Jordan sat down with Lane, he called JoJo’s parents and told them she was “the love of my life,” and asked their permission to marry her. They both gave him their blessing. Jordan then chose a ring with Lane and wrote the Bachelorette a note, telling her about his conversation with her parents. The letter left her in tears, and she said it was “everything” she ever wanted to hear. Robby similarly wrote her a letter that had her crying.

Despite all the tears, JoJo said she woke up on the morning of proposal day and announced that she had a “moment of clarity.” Both men then headed to see JoJo to pop the question. Before making her decision public, JoJo said in tears in a voice-over,“I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t want him to feel an ounce of pain.” But she did, and the man she hurt was Robby, even after he professed his “fairy-tale”love for her.

Sobbing, she told Robby that she “loved” him. He too teared up. All he could muster was “good luck” when listening to her say she didn’t choose him. In the car, Robby said he was “really, really confused,” especially after she said she loved him.

Finally, after all the drinks and dates with the 26 bachelors, who began this season’s “Bachelorette,” JoJo chose her one man. After he professed his never-ending love for her, JoJo told him, “Jordan, I love you so much.” Jordan then dropped down to one knee and proposed with the diamond engagement ring he had chosen. Not surprisingly, Jojo said, “Yes.” Check out the clip from the proposal below!


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