‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall Has 2-On-1 Date With Corinne In New Orleans

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Nick Vaill The Bachelor Recap January 30 2017

By Michael Lewittes |

Nick Vaill The Bachelor Recap January 30 2017


“The Bachelor” on Monday had Nick Viall taking the women to New Orleans, where he connected even more with Rachel on a one-and-one date, and took 10 women on a group date to a haunted house. He also had a two-on-one date with enemies Corinne and Taylor. Get the full recap below!

The fifth episode of the season picked up where the last show left off, with Corinne and Taylor arguing before the rose ceremony. As Gossip Cop noted, Taylor basically criticized Corinne for not having “emotional intelligence,” while the latter felt Taylor was “rude” and “not nice.” The fight went on and on with each questioning the other’s motives for being there. Corinne then privately griped to Nick about Taylor being “entitled.”

And with that, it was time for the rose ceremony during which Corinne and Taylor were saved, and Astrid and Sarah were sent home. Neither of the two women took it too well. Sarah was hurt that she was eliminated when there was so much immaturity between Taylor and Corinne.

After they were brushed off the show, Nick whisked the women away to New Orleans. While there, he first went on a one-on-one date with Rachel. They walked throughout the city and enjoyed some of the local fare, including oysters and beignets. They also danced in a street parade, before going into a club, where singer Lolo performed. Nick and Rachel then had drinks in a warehouse for Mardi Gras floats, where they talked about how much they both already like each other. Not surprisingly, Rachel received a rose.

Next, it was time for a group date in a haunted house. Joining the bachelor were Alexis, Danielle L., Danielle M., Jaimi, Jasmine, Josephine, Kristina, Raven, Vanessa, and Whitney. While there, the women got a tour of the home, which claims to have the ghost of an 8-year-old girl named May. They also played with a Ouija board before the lights suddenly went off, scaring Nick and the bachelorettes. Some of the ladies explored the house in the dark, as certain objects and furniture seemingly moved on their own. Nick even spent time with each of the women in the spooky house. Ultimately, Danielle M. was handed the date’s rose.

And then it was time for the two-on-one date with Nick and rivals Taylor and Corinne. The mudslinging continued as the ladies joined the bachelor in the swampy bayou. Following a boat ride to a wooden area, the three just happened to run into voodoo practitioners, one of which read their Tarot cards. Corinne even asked the Tarot card reader for a voodoo doll. And when each woman had some alone time with Nick, she trashed the other to the bachelor.

While still in the woods, the two fought again. “You lied to him. Not once did I call you stupid,” began Taylor. Meanwhile, Corinne shot back, “The fact that you’re a mental health counselor blows my mind.” Nick then joined the women. In the end, Corinne got the date rose and Taylor got left in the woods. As Corinne and Nick kissed on a boat taking them out of the bayou, Taylor rejoined the voodoo adherents.

Nick and Corinne then shared a romantic dinner in New Orleans. She told the bachelor she was “glad the negative energy was gone,” and that they had some “alone time.” But that was short-lived because Taylor crashed their meal and told Nick, “I need to talk to you.”

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