‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall Has Hometown Wisconsin Dates, Sends Two Home

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Nick Viall The Bachelor Recap January 23 2017

By Michael Lewittes |

Nick Viall The Bachelor Recap January 23 2017


“The Bachelor” on Monday had Nick Viall taking the women to his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin, where he went on two one-on-one-dates and a large group date on a farm. He also narrowed the field down by sending two women home. Get the full recap below!

The fourth episode of the season started with the women telling Nick that they were turned off by Corinne’s overtly sexual behavior, which included her straddling him in a bouncy house. Vanessa even let him know, “I don’t want to waste my time.” She added that he needs to figure out if he’s “looking for a wife, or someone to f**k around with.” The bachelor tried to reassure Vanessa that he cares a lot about her.

Before the rose ceremony, Nick and Chris Harrison discussed how the other women were turned off by Corinne. Still, he gave her the last flower and sent home Brittany and Christen. And though they only knew him a few days, both women were terribly distraught that he didn’t pick them.

Having completed that unpleasantry, Nick and the remaining women 15 women headed to Waukesha. Once there, he met with his parents at a coffee shop to talk about how it was going so far. Nick told his folks he’s begun to make some connections with a few the women, and that he’s “ready to make that commitment.” His father said he’d like that because “we don’t want to see you on this show again.”

Next, Nick went on a one-on-one date with Danielle L., and showed her around town. In a local bakery, they were selling a “Nick-a-doodle,” and even let him and Danielle L. make some. Then, they magically ran into an ex-girlfriend of his named Amber. The three of them talked for a little bit, during Danielle L. asked Amber why she thought he hasn’t found the right woman yet. After that clearly manufactured encounter, Nick and his date hung out on a field, where the bachelor noted he had a number of “firsts.” Following that touching moment, they kissed.

Later over drinks, Danielle L. talked about how her parents divorced, and how it’s made her “more guarded” about relationships. Nick said he enjoyed talking to her, and then handed her a rose. But the date wasn’t over. They next walked into a concert by country singer Chris Lane. As the audience went wild, the bachelor and Danielle L. danced and made out.

Next, Nick went on a group date with 13 women to a dairy farm. On the less than intimate date were Alexis, Astrid, Corinne, Danielle M., Jaimi, Jasmine, Josephine, Kristina, Rachel, Sarah, Taylor, Vanessa, and Whitney. As expected, they milked cows, and they also shoveled manure. Corinne, of course, hated every minute of the farm and called it “so gross.” She even termed it the “worst date” she’d ever been on.

While the women had drinks afterwards, they confronted Corinne about whether she really was ready to marry Nick. Naturally, she said she was. After a lot of eye-rolling from the other ladies, and immature answers from her, Corinne begged, “Let’s move on.” Still, Vanessa got in her face about missing the rose ceremony and then the pool party. That was followed by Kristina questioning whether she could handle other situations on the show, which prompted Corinne to storm off. Incredibly, when she spoke privately with Nick, Corinne essentially lied to him by saying it was “much better” with the other bachelorettes, and that there “won’t be any issues” moving forward. At the end of the group date, Kristina got the rose.

For the second one-on-one date, Raven and Nick watched his little sister Bella’s soccer game. Raven also met his parents, who were cheering their youngest child on. Afterwards, Bella, Nick and Raven went roller skating. At times, just the bachelor and his date skated together. They even kissed on the rink.

Later, they shared an intimate dinner, during which Raven revealed how she caught her last boyfriend “butt naked” with another woman. The bachelorette even told Nick that she then beat her ex-boyfriend with the other woman’s stiletto. It didn’t seem to faze Nick, because Raven got a rose at the end of the date. She told the camera that her time with the bachelor was the “best date” she’s ever had, and how she was “falling in love.”

The episode ended with the party before the rose ceremony, where basically Corinne talked trash about Taylor and then confronted her outside. Corinne told Taylor she thought she was “stuck up” and “not nice.” “Stop treating me like an idiot,” Corinne yelled at her. At the end of the show, she could be heard in voiceover saying that she wanted to “punch” Taylor in the face.

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