‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall Goes On Zero Gravity Date With Vanessa, Backstreet Boys Perform

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Nick Viall The Bachelor Recap January 16 2017

By Michael Lewittes |

Nick Viall The Bachelor Recap January 16 2017


On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Nick Viall went on a zero gravity date with Vanessa, and danced with a group of women onstage at a Backstreet Boys concert. Seven more women, with the help of three Olympic gold medalists, also competed in track-and-field events to win Nick’s heart. And four contestants were sent home. Get the full recap below!

The third episode of the season began with Nick explaining to the other women why he sent Liz home. He then acknowledged that they met at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, and “we had sex.” That prompted the women to ask Nick a series of questions, including whether he knew Liz was going to be on the season, which he said he did not.

Before the rose ceremony, Corinne stripped down to a trench coat and took Nick outside of the mansion, where she had a can of whip cream. Corinne then opened her jacket to reveal her bare breasts, and had him lick some whip cream off of them. But when they were interrupted by Jasmine, she stormed off.

Corinne didn’t take it too well. She got drunk and passed out on her bed. As a result, she missed the rose ceremony. Before handing out the roses, Nick asked, “Where’ s Corinne?” Even though she was safe from elimination because she was given a rose from the “Wedding Photos” shoot, the bachelor was upset and didn’t want the other contestants to think he was “validating her behavior.” Nick even apologize to the women.

At the rose ceremony, Nick sent home Elizabeth, Hailey, and Lacey. Hailey was heartbroken and began to cry. She then expressed how shocked she was at being eliminated instead of some of the other women. “If Nick is really attracted to someone like Corinne,” said Hailey, before adding, “That’s what upsets me.”

With the field now narrowed down to 18 ladies, it was time for a group date for Corinne, Christen, Danielle L., Jasmine, Kristina, Taylor, and Whitney. The Backstreet Boys then entered the mansion to tell the women they were needed as backup dancers for a performance that night. The contestants then met the Backstreet Boys to rehearse for the show. The premise was that the woman who was the best dancer would be serenaded onstage with Nick.

Danielle L. won the challenge, and so the Backstreet Boys sang “I Want It That Way” to her and the bachelor. Nick and Daneille L. then began to kiss in front of the audience, which particularly ticked off Corinne. At the party afterwards, they kissed some more. Also at the party, 24-year-old Corinne told the other women about her nanny, who makes her bed, slices up her vegetables and makes her favorite “cheese pasta.” Not surprisingly, it didn’t go over well with the other ladies. In the end, Danielle L. got the date rose.

Next, Nick went on a one-on-one date with Vanessa, who felt she was floating in air, which she literally was when they went on a zero gravity plane. The bachelor and Vanessa had a great time bouncing around the Zero G plane. They even kissed while experiencing weightlessness. “I’m the luckiest girl right now,” said Vanessa. However, she got nauseated and vomited a few times. When Vanessa apologized because it was “so not sexy,” the apparently smitten bachelor responded, “I don’t care.” They kissed a lot more after the flight and over dinner, where Nick revealed she made him “feel very optimistic” about finding love this time around.

There was a second group date was with Alexis, Astrid, Brittany, Dominique, Jaimi, Rachel, and Sarah, and it involved a track-and-field competition. For that date, the women were joined by Olympians Michelle Carter, Allyson Felix and Carl Lewis. Most recently, Carter won gold in the shot put in Rio. Felix, of course, won six gold medals, and Lewis has nine gold medals to his credit. The three athletes then had the seven contestants compete in a few events, including the long jump and javelin throw. The top three women then ran a dash, with Astrid winning and getting to cool down with Nick in a hot tub.

Dominque began to unravel during the group date, saying she didn’t want to waste her time because she was seemingly “always overlooked” by Nick. She became even more unnerved at the party afterwards. When Dominique finally got some alone time with the bachelor, she got in his face and said Nick, “You’re not giving me a fair chance.” In response, he told her he needed to go with his gut, and sent Dominique home. Meanwhile, Rachel once again received that group date’s rose from Nick.

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