‘The Bachelor’ Women Tell All Recap: Ben Higgins Gets Grilled After Tears And Fights

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Bachelor Women Tell All Recap March 7 2016

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor Women Tell All Recap March 7 2016


“The Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor” had the women fighting with each other, some tears, and naturally Ben Higgins getting grilled in the hot seat. But before Higgins defended himself, the other women faced off with the season’s three most controversial women, Jubilee, Lace, and Olivia. Caila then talked about how she’s still hurt and in love with him. Also, Higgins revealed he would marry the woman he chose “tomorrow,” if he could.

The first woman in the hot seat was Jubilee, who before Harrison focused directly on her, was ripped in the audience by Jami and Amber. The two other women, who are of mix race, told Jubilee they were offended because she told them she was “the real black girl,” and that they were “not black enough.” Jami and Amber also claimed she said she was going to be the black woman “who makes it the furthest” on “The Bachelor.” After more words between the women, Jubilee begrudgingly said, “I’m sorry I offended you.”

Once she was in the hot seat, Jubilee told Harrison that she understood there was drama surrounding her because “I’m controversial.” She went on to say that she’s “hard to love,” and that her life is complicated. Jubilee noted it would have been difficult to tell Higgins, “My whole family died, let’s make out!” She then explained to Harrison that with the passage of time and some introspection, she realized the “insecurities” and “jealousies” that come with competing against 28 other women got the best of her, and that she’s learned now to not “overthink” things to the point that she’s “self-destructive.” Ending on a positive, she noted she’s still in the Army reserves and “just made sergeant.”

Next up was Lace, who said the woman on the show “wasn’t me,” and that the side of her that came out is not who she is now or ever wants to be again. “I didn’t know how to act,” Lace confessed, adding that when she saw Higgins kiss Becca, it was the “icing on the cake” and she realized, “I gotta go home.” She then said she no longer refers to herself as “crazy,” and with that, a guy got up from the audience and yelled out that she’s “crazy beautiful.”

But that’s not all. The man took off his shirt, and showed a tattoo of her face that he got on his ribcage. Lace then posed for a photo with the shirtless guy, before Harrison said, “We need better security.” Harrison next asked Lace if she wanted to be on “Bachelor In Paradise,” and she immediately said yes.

And then it was time for Olivia, who was reviled by several of the other women. Olivia began by saying she felt Higgins was “the man of my dreams,” and that she was “smitten with him.” “He stole my heart. He made me so happy,” she told Harrison. But right after she said, “I own up to many things I did wrong,” the other women went after her.

Amanda told Olivia how hurtful it was to be called a “Teen Mom,” and for her to go around saying that men should be “running the other way from a woman with kids.” Amanda said the thing she’s most “proud of” is being a mother,” and that she was “very offended” by Olivia. The twins, Emily and Haley, also attacked Olivia for how she would “bully” the other women.

Olivia tried to justify how she kept interrupting when other women were talking to Higgins by saying she was”trying to connect with him right away.” No matter how much Olivia tried to explain away her behavior and insulting the intelligence of the other ladies, some of the women were still angry with her. She then admitted that the last few months have been “rough” for her, and that her sister now handles her social media accounts because she can’t bear to read the hateful comments.

Olivia’s time in the hot seat ended with her in tears and saying she wished there was a manual about how to keep all 28 women happy. “I had no way of knowing how to do this,” she said, acknowledging, “I didn’t do it right.” After telling the other women that she’s “learned” from the experience, Olivia first apologized to Amanda and other single moms. “It was an insensitive, stupid thing to say.” She then turned to all the other contestants and said, “I’m sorry. I really am sorry.”

During Caila’s turn, she noted she’s still in love with him and hurt that he sent her home. “I really did love him,” Caila confessed, adding, “Still do in a way.” About the day he dumped her, she said, “I did not picture that happening at all.” She explained that it was “really hard” to share herself with him, and then find out that “he never loved me back.”

Caila claimed that she’s happy for Lauren B. and Jo Jo. “The way he looks at them is the way I want someone to look at me someday,” she said. But it’s still tough for her because, as she told Harrison, “I shared my family with him,” “I don’t fall in love easily,” and she “miss[es] talking to him.”

Higgins next came out, and Harrison went straight for how he could tell two women he loves them. “The Bachelor” tried to explain that he compartmentalizes everything, and focuses on each women individually. Caila then questioned whether her confusion at one point stalled them from moving forward. “The Bachelor” began by telling Caila, “I appreciate you coming back tonight.” He then explained that ultimately they didn’t work out because of how the other relationships were “progressing.”

At the end, a few women addressed their comments towards Higgins. Jubilee tried pressing him about why it didn’t work out with her, and Higgins expressed that he gave her more than one chance, but it didn’t feel right to him. Olivia, meanwhile, said she watched the season with Jo Jo and Lauren B. being the final two and noted, “It makes sense.” Amanda said she was touched to see how hard it was for him to break up with her. And Becca pointed out that Higgins showed women what a good guy is all about and worth waiting for.

Finally, Harrison asked if he’s in love and sure of his pick. “I’m more in love than I’ve ever been,” said “The Bachelor.” But that’s not all. Higgins made the revelation that he would “marry that woman [he chose] tomorrow, if I could.”


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