“The Bachelor” Recap: Ben Higgins Faces Tragedy With Jubilee, Lace Quits

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Ben Higgins The Bachelor Recap January 18 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Higgins The Bachelor Recap January 18 2016


On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Ben Higgins was thrown for a loop when he had to face tragic news and unexpected drama while dating the 17 remaining women. Get the full recap here!

This week’s episode, the third of the season, began with Ben taking Lauren B., a flight attendant, on a one-on-date that included an aerial tour of Los Angles, along with a hot tub session. The private time away from the rest of the women was capped off with a romantic dinner and then a performance by the country group Lucy Angel. They seemed to have a strong connection throughout, so it was no surprise when Ben offered her the date rose. “Tonight feels like how I’d want the first date to be with my wife,” he said in a voiceover.

The group date was featured next, and the 12 selected girls went to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara of the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team coached them in a game. Divided into “Stars” and “Stripes,” at stake was a private after-party with Ben. The match went into a sudden death, with Amber scoring the winning goal for Team Stripes.

Later on, the always-aggressive Olivia was the first to pull Ben away, and then rubbed it in the other women’s faces by dragging him on to the balcony above them. Amber, a returning contestant, finally got her own alone time with Ben, and she said she was “hopeful” for her second run on the ABC competition. She got some reassurance with a makeout session, and then another boost when Ben gave her the group date rose.

After feeling sorry for herself during the first half of the broadcast and believing she wasn’t the Bachelor’s type, Jubilee was absolutely ecstatic to be chosen for the episode’s second one-on-one date, which entailed going to a spa with Ben. Before leaving, though, her insecurities struck again, to the point where she actually asked her competitors in front of Ben if they rather go on the date instead of her. Despite an awkward beginning, the Bachelor found himself more “attracted,” even when the war veteran called him “white boy.” They later had an emotional dinner in which the adopted Jubilee opened up about having no known living relatives, and Ben gave her the date rose.

The next day, the rest of the contestants were surprised Jubilee’s pre-date actions didn’t get her eliminated. At the start of the cocktail party, Ben revealed that two family friends died in a plane crash the night before, and became emotional as he said he was a “little down,” but looking for someone to be there for him during trying times like this. Olivia was again the first to take Ben away, and instead of talking to him about his loss, she teared up talking to him about her ugly feet.

He went on to find comfort in Jubilee, who gave him a massage, and while he was touched, the other women were upset since she was already safe from elimination. Labeled “disrespectful” and “rude,” she was confronted by the also-safe Amber, but stormed off, leading Ben to console her. Amber then had the nerve to bad-mouth her in front of Ben, prompting him to come to her defense. “I think I’m seeing sides of the women I haven’t seen yet,” he rightfully concluded.

Lace even called Jubilee “cocky as f*ck” and predicted she would be ousted because she wasn’t getting any time with the object of their affections. But just when Ben thought the night’s drama was over, Lace asked to speak with him privately. Crying, she told him that she was “mad at herself” for her previous crazy behavior and said she needed to “work” on herself. “I just feel going home might be easier,” Lace confessed. “You can’t love someone else until you love yourself, and I don’t know if I truly love myself yet.”

Ben accepted her decision, and the rose ceremony followed, with him telling the women the night was a reminder that “there’s a lot going on in life.” But he was determined as ever to find his future wife, and expressed appreciation for the ladies as he called out names one by one to receive roses. Shushanna Mkrtychyan and Jami Letain did not receive roses, and therefore were eliminated. Now 14 ladies remain for next week, which will take all the action to Las Vegas! As for Lace, she’s expected to be on “Bachelor In Paradise” this summer!


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