“The Bachelor” Recap: Ben Higgins Makes Major Decision About Olivia

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Ben Higgins Bachelor Recap February 8 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Higgins Bachelor Recap February 8 2016


On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Ben Higgins made a major decision about Olivia, changing the course of the competition. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, last week’s installment ended with a cliffhanger. After some of the women told Ben about Olivia’s controversial behavior, he halted the rose ceremony before it even really got underway to speak with her once more. That led many, contestants and viewers alike, to think Ben was going to take away her date rose and send her home. Not so.

The sixth episode began with Ben telling Olivia he was “confused” by everything, and she claimed to him there was a “target” on her back because of their “connection” and she didn’t fit in. The rest of the girls, particularly Emily, were shocked and angry when Olivia returned still safe. Ben told the women that he liked them all for “different” reasons, and while the competition was becoming more “difficult,” they had to “get on with it.”

With that drama temporarily resolved, Jennifer was eliminated at the rose ceremony, and Ben and the 10 remaining women headed to the Bahamas. For his first date in the tropical locale, Ben had his second one-on-one with Caila. The two went deep-sea fishing, but how much deeper the relationship would go became questionable that night when she admitted she wasn’t “ready” to open up even though she felt like she was falling in love. In the end, Caila remained safe when Ben offered her the date rose and she accepted.

For the group date that followed, six of the women joined Ben on a deserted island. Leah, upset she hadn’t yet had a one-on-one when Caila had now gone on two, wasn’t happy to be included, and waffled between questioning why she was still in the competition and being determined to win over Ben. At it turned out, Ben wasn’t too happy either, feeling uncomfortable for the first time about trying to keep up relationships with multiple women. Calling herself a “group date groupie,” Leah actually cried to the bachelor about feeling snubbed, and he encouraged her to make the “most” out of the situation.

That set the stage for the after-party, where Becca copped to being “standoff-ish,” saying everyone was aware of his “connection” with Lauren B. A jealous Leah even went as far as telling Ben that Lauren B. wasn’t the right person for him. The accusation that the frontrunner wasn’t being real with him left Ben rattled and Lauren B. in tears after he confronted her. Incredibly, Leah then denied being the person who spoke behind her back. Amid the new drama, it was Amanda who won the group date rose.

But Leah wasn’t ready to give up, and actually went to see Ben at his private quarters, where she continued to talk badly about Lauren B. Her fixation was a big-turn off for the reality star, and he in turn told Leah that something was “missing” from their own dynamic. “I think it’s best for us to kinda just say goodbye,” Ben said, cutting her on the spot. But while she may have gotten what was coming to her, Ben was still left doubting his romance with Lauren B… and the show as a whole.

The always-dreaded two-on-one date came next, with Emily none-too-pleased to be fighting rival Olivia for Ben’s affections. Olivia, of course, was super-confident, convinced she’d not only get the lone rose, but also go on to marry Ben. All together they boated to a private island, where each got alone time with the hunk. Olivia told Ben she was “in love,” while Emily, too, made her passion clear. And then the moment of truth came: Ben grabbed the rose, took Olivia away, and… broke up with her. “Today I can’t give you this rose,” he said, dumping his “First Impression” pick by telling her he didn’t “reciprocate” her feelings.

Emily was ecstatic to say the least, and of course accepted the rose when Ben offered it to her. The rest of the women were pleasantly surprised by the turn of events, too, but their own fates were already sealed. Apparently no longer in the mood to mingle and makeout, Ben opted to cancel the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party and just get down to business.

That had Lauren B. convinced she would be the one going home. And it was a Lauren, alright… Lauren H., who had just had a seemingly great one-on-one date with Ben on last week’s episode. But she was the one left without a rose at the end of the ceremony now, much to the relief of the remaining six women: Caila, Amanda, Emily, Becca, JoJo, and Lauren B. Next week, they’ll all go to Ben’s Indiana hometown.


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