‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Ben Higgins Has Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates, Final Two Revealed

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Bachelor Recap February 29 2016

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor Recap February 29 2016


On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Ben Higgins went on his fantasy overnight dates with the three remaining women, Caila, JoJo and Lauren B., before saying goodbye to one and choosing his final two. Get the full recap below!

Following last week’s hometown dates, after which Amanda was sent home, Caila, JoJo and Lauren B. were left for the fantasy overnight dates in picturesque Jamaica. Higgins first date was with Caila. Before he took her on a rafting trip in the jungle, he said to the camera that she “would be a great wife.”

Caila, however, was having a hard time with the show’s premise of other women vying for his heart. She said in a confessional “it hurts.” Over lunch, she seemed stressed and distracted, and Higgins picked up on it.

Before their romantic dinner on the beach, which could lead to an overnight in a “Fantasy Suite,” Higgins admitted he was “hesitant” about the evening. But over dinner, Caila confessed she was concerned about the other women, though “confident” in what they have. She then told him, “l’m in love with you.” And with that, they made out before Higgins handed her an invite for an overnight date, to which she happily agreed.

They then stripped down to bathing suits and walked into the ocean, where they kissed more as fireworks went off above them. “I could wake up in the morning and know for certain that Caila is the woman for me,” Higgins said in voiceover before we they were next seen kissing on a bed in the fantasy suite and the lights went out. The following morning, they were both smiles as they hung out in the suite. Caila called their night together “amazing” and “what we needed” before Higgins head off on his next date.

Higgins said before his date with Lauren that he “missed her,” and that she “has the qualities that I would love to have in my future wife.” He added that “my feelings continue to grow” for her. For their date, Higgins and Lauren B. went to a nature reserve for baby turtles. They then released dozens of turtles into the wild, which prompted Lauren B. to make an analogy about how the sea turtles were just starting their lives, much like how she and Higgins were.

The two then sat on the beach and talked for a while before heading into the ocean, where they too made out. It’s there that Lauren B. tells Higgins that “I’m completely in love with you.” That’s when “The Bachelor” broke the show’s rules and responded, “I’ve known I’m in love with you for a while, as well.” The two then kept saying, “I love you” to each other over and over before he closed the shades in the Fantasy Suite. The next morning, after they had breakfast and spent more time together, he reiterated, “I do love you.”

Next, Higgins was on to a day with JoJo, about whom he said he had “instant chemistry.” For their date, the two took a helicopter to a waterfall in the jungle. Naturally, they also stripped down to bathing suits and jumped together into the waterfall. Following her requisite, “I love you,” Higgins again said, “I love you, too,” which “The Bachelor” is not supposed to tell contestants.

In voiceover, Higgins acknowledged that it was shocking that he said “I love you” to two different women. “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he further expressed, noting that his heart is “leading me in two directions.” Over dinner, they talked more about how they both love each other, but Higgins said he was taken back by how her brothers, during the hometown date, told him they didn’t trust him.

JoJo explained that they were simply protecting her. Higgins claimed that he liked that she both supported her brothers while balancing her feelings for hims. “The Bachelor” then invited her to the Fantasy Suite, and batted 1,000, with JoJo saying yes. In the Fantasy Suite, they both said, “I love you” some more, before making out in a pool and in bed.

Cut to the next morning, and JoJo said in the bedroom, “You gave me so much more than I ever expected yesterday.” JoJo also related how she had “one of the best nights of my life.” Higgins then said to the camera,” I love JoJo,” and that being with the night before “reconfirmed all those feelings.”

As he tried to figure out what to do about JoJo and Lauren B., Caila surprised him in the morning, and he told how he loved “two women,” but not her. He then told Caila he was sending her home. Higgins explained that he didn’t know how he felt until the trip to Jamaica. “It’s really hard saying goodbye to you,” he told Caila, who told him, “I really did love you.” Not surprisingly, a deeply hurt Caila cried in the car as she drove away.

Higgins said at the end of Monday’s episode that the purpose is to find one “true love,” but he has “two true loves.” Chris Harrison then spoke to both JoJo and Lauren B. separately, and escorted them outside for the rose ceremony. The two women waited for Caila, but of course she wasn’t there, and Higgins explained that she had been sent home, and it’s between the two of them. “The Bachelor” then asked Lauren B. and JoJo if they accepted the two remaining roses, which they did. “I can picture both JoJo and Lauren B. being my wife,” he said in voiceover at the end of the show.


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