The Bachelor ‘Women Tell All’ Recap: Chris Soules Gets Grilled After Tears And Fights

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“The Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor” had lots of tears, the ladies fighting with each other, and naturally Chris Soules getting grilled in the hot seat. Britt faced off with Carly, Kelsey tried to explain her “fake” behavior, Kaitlyn wanted to know why she was sent home, and much more!

It began with Britt, who tried to tell Chris Harrison that she felt an “instantaneous” connection with Soules, but quickly all the other women started sparring with her. Carly said she has no “ill will” toward Britt, but they continued to fight over Britt saying, “I could never see myself living [in Arlington].” Carly justified telling Soules about Britt not wanting to live there, because she said “The Bachelor” had told her his biggest fear was that a woman would come to the farm and then leave him.

Britt tried to explain that while she couldn’t live in the tiny town of Arlington, she could live in the country, where Soules has his big house. Carly took issue with that, prompting Britt to say how annoyed she was with how Carly for the last three weeks “pretty much narrated my entire love story.” A teary Britt said she was in love with Soules, and felt that had the other women not thrown her under the bus, she was “close” to be possibly being Soules’ fiancee.

Next up in the “Women Tell All” special was Kelsey. She told Harrison that she felt “betrayed” by the women, and that her panic attack was real. Kelsey said she thought the other ladies didn’t like her because she was “condescending, and I use big words.” She later asked the other women for their “forgiveness,” and said that she “never meant to offend or hurt” them.

Regardless, the other women then chimed in and basically said they didn’t like how “calculated” and “fake” she was. Juelia, who also lost a husband, was disgusted by how Kelsey used her late husband’s passing to manipulate Soules and others. Kelsey then tried to explain how she could tell the camera with a smile, “Isn’t my story amazing? It’s tragic, but it’s amazing.” She first apologized for how it sounded because it “hurt a lot of people,” and that it was “never [her] intention to minimize a death.” Kelsey reasoned it was “amazing” that she found the love of her life at 19, and that it was “amazing” how she’s now “survived” his death.

After Kelsey was Ashley S., the beautiful blonde who spewed one nonsensical sentence after another when she was on the show. Harrison said she was one of his favorite people, and that she’s “nothing like I’ve ever seen before.” Her sit-down with Harrison was not much more intelligible. At one point in her “Women Tell All” conversation, which similarly made no sense, Ashley S. just blurted, “It’s so weird that we’re on TV.” Still, an amused Harrison begged her to appear on the upcoming “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Jade then joined Harrison. After he showed clips of her on the show, Jade began to cry. She said, “I don’t know what went wrong,” especially since Soules reassured her that he was fine with her X-rated past. Jade said she now wants closure and would like to ask Soules exactly why he sent her home.

Harrison next invited Kaitlyn to sit with him, and talk about their “fun-loving and easy relationship.” She began by saying she was “heartbroken” when she didn’t get picked in Bali. Kaitlyn noted that ironically she felt the “most confident” during that rose ceremony, because he had just told her that he was “falling in love” with her. “My heart still hurts,” she told Harrison, adding, “I’ve never been so blindsided.” Kaitlyn acknowledged that she was “nervous” to see Soules on the “Women Tell All” special.

Soules then came out to applause and tears from some of the women. Britt right away wanted to sit and talk with him. She cried while he explained that his decision to send her home had nothing to do with what Carly said. Britt ended their brief talk by saying she thought he was “awesome” and whomever he ends up with is “lucky.”

Kaitlyn then confronted Soules, and asked for a “genuine answer about what had happened.” He answered that he was falling in love with all three of the remaining women, and was wavering up until the rose ceremony about who to choose. Soules simply said, “I did the best I could.”

Jade came back up to the stage to talk directly to Soules, and asked why he sent her home. Soules said he was thrown off by the home town date because he thought she was shy, while her brothers told him she was a “wild mustang.” “The Bachelor” also reassured her that he didn’t eliminate her “because of what you showed me,” though he acknowledged it was “awkward to look at nude photos” of Jade with her. The two then hugged.

To end on a lighter note, Harrison showed a reel of bloopers from the show. What did you think of the “Women Tell All” special?


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