The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Sends Two Women Home After Bad Date In Badlands, South Dakota

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap


The Bachelor” Season 19’s sixth episode had Chris Soules taking the women to South Dakota, where most of the woman had fun writing and singing country music songs while two others had an ugly face off against the beautiful backdrop of the Badlands. But first, Soules eliminated Mackenzie and Samantha because there wasn’t a rose ceremony last week as a result of all the drama surrounding Kelsey, who had a panic attack and fainted.

Most of the women, however felt Kelsey’s supposed panic attack was “suspicious” and “conniving.” Carly came right out and said she thinks Kelsey’s “completely full of sh*t,” adding, “No one believed it was real.” Still, Soules didn’t boot her, and took the remaining nine ladies to South Dakota for some Wild West fun. While there, we learned there’s a group date, a one-on-one date, and the less enviable two-on-one-date. To Kelsey’s surprise and dismay, Soules chose Becca for the one-on-one date.

During Soules and Becca’s date they went horseback riding and roasted food over a campfire. Soules and Becca talked about where they saw each other in five years and what they wanted out of their relationships. She said Soules makes her “feel butterflies,” and for his part, he thinks Becca is “beautiful.” Before giving Becca a rose, “The Bachelor” said he had a great time with her and that his “expectations [were] blown out of the water.” They two then kissed.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, we learn that on the group date will be Britt, Carly, Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan and Whitney. That means archenemies Ashley I. and Kelsey will be on the two-on-one date. The theme of the group date was “let’s make beautiful music,” and Soules explained in the old-fashioned town of Deadwood that they were going to write country music love songs.

The women were then introduced to the mega-successful country singing duo Big & Rich, who helped the women write their own songs. But that wasn’t all. They all had to perform the songs. Soules said it was only fair that he too sing, so he got up before the women and warbled a terribly off-key song about trying to find the love of his life. While “The Bachelor” said all the women did a good job, the standouts were Britt and Carly, a professional cruise ship singer. Soules said Carly’s song “spoke to my heart.”

Still, at one point, he grabbed Britt by the hand and they ran off alone to a Big & Rich concert. They then jumped onstage and Soules handed Britt a rose before they kissed in front of everyone in the crowd. When Soules and Britt returned from their night out, the other women were jealous and not happy.

Kelsey and Ashley I. then went on their two-on-one date in South Dakota’s Badlands. On the date, Soules, Ashley I. and Kelsey took a helicopter ride over Mount Rushmore. They then landed in the Badlands. But the women spent much of their alone time with Soules trash talking each other. Kelsey then angrily confronted Ashley I., who later questioned Soules about why he told her about what they discussed. While there was no rose ceremony, Soules sent both packing. Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode.


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