The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Heads To Sante Fe For Fun Outdoors And Indoors, With A Shocking Ending!

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap


The Bachelor” Season 19’s fifth episode had Chris Soules taking the remaining 11 women to Sante Fe, New Mexico for some fun outdoors, such as hot air ballooning and whitewater rafting, as well as some fun indoors in hotel rooms. The episode ended, however, with a big shock!

The episode kicked off with Soules going on a one-on-one date with Carly. To see if they had chemistry, the two visited a hacienda where they met with a woman who was referred to as a “Love Guru.” There was incense, chanting, deep breathing exercises, as well as Carly feeding Soules strawberries and chocolate while he was blindfolded. From his end, there was a lot of touching before they removed each other’s robes, leaving the two semi-naked. Soules called the whole thing “awkward and weird,” while Carly said it was the “worst date of my life.” Oh yeah, they also straddled each other and kissed.

Carly and Soules later sat and drank champagne by a fireplace and toasted the “craziest date ever.” Carly talked about how her ex-boyfriend didn’t have much of an interest in touching her, and then thanked him for making her feel special. They kissed some more, and Soules gave her a rose.

Back at the house, Kelsey shared how about a year and a half ago her husband suddenly died when, out of the blue, his heart stopped while he was walking to work. But rather than feeling sympathy, the other women seemed distrustful of Kelsey’s sad story.

Next, Soules took Ashley I., Becca, Jade, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Mackenzie, Megan, Samantha, and Whitney whitewater rafting down the Rio Grande River. They all seemed to be enjoying the experience, except for maybe Jade, who fell overboard. While she suffered hyperthermia, Jade was fine later.

The evening got bizarre as Soules was en route to meet the women for a get-together. Waiting for him in a lobby was Jordan, who had been eliminated in episode two. She explained that even though she knew it was “absolutely crazy,” she drove all the way from Colorado to see him and ask if they could talk. Jordan even apologized to Soules for being drunk the whole time they were together before she was sent home. Meanwhile, the other women were wondering where “The Bachelor” was and if something was wrong with him because he was so late to meet them.

It got super uncomfortable when Soules joined the other woman with Jordan on his arm. What then happened was that instead of Soules getting to know the other women, he spent his time with each of them talking about how they felt about Jordan being back. For the most part, they weren’t happy. And to Soules’ credit, he realized it was making everyone “tense,” and sent Jordan home again. “The Bachelor” then rejoined the women, and after talking about how he felt a special connection with one of them, he gave Whitney a rose.

Britt had the episode’s second on-on-one date, and what we learn before it was that she hasn’t taken a shower in weeks, though it’s never explained why. Soules surprised Britt at 4:30 a.m. in her hotel room to have her go on a hot air balloon ride. Though she admitted she’s afraid of heights, Britt said she felt “safe” soaring with Soules above the Rio Grande Gorge at sunrise. Of course, the two made out in hot air balloon. Soules and Britt then spent a romantic afternoon behind closed doors for two hours in a hotel room. She also got a rose.

Kelsey, who appeared throughout the episode to not be handling Soules’ focus on other women, went to his hotel room before the rose ceremony to confide that she’s a widow and talk about her husband’s death. She cried and then they made out in his room. Bizarrely, Kelsey told the camera afterwards that her personal story is “tragic but amazing.”

Soules then came into the cocktail party, and mentioned how he had spoken earlier to Kelsey. He then seemed shaken up, and rushed outside to talk to Chris Harrison. Soules explained to the show’s host that it’s now hit him how he’s making life-changing decisions. Harrison came back in to say it was an emotional night for Soules, and there wouldn’t be a cocktail party.

Next thing, Kelsey leaves where the cocktail party was, and we see emergency technicians tending to her on the ground. There was no explanation, though, about what happened to her. The episode ended without a rose ceremony, and a note it would all continue next week. What did you think of this week’s episode?


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