The Bachelor Recap: See Who Chris Soules Kisses, Keeps & Kicks Off After First Dates

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Chris Soules The Bachelor recap January 12

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor recap January 12


The Bachelor” Season 19’s second episode began with Kimberly, one of the eight women eliminated during the show’s premiere, coming back into the mansion and asking Chris Soules for a second chance. Soules and Kimberly then went outside, where the eliminated contestant said she wanted another shot because she didn’t have the opportunity to speak to “The Bachelor” before being sent home. Kimberly told Soules, “I feel like I was supposed to meet you, and I don’t know why it didn’t work out the way that I had planned.”

A confused Soules then consulted with Chris Harrison, who told “The Bachelor” that it’s his life, and “If you want her to stay, she stays. If you want her to go, she goes.” Shockingly, Soules brought Kimberly back into the mansion and explained to the 22 ticked off other women that “she had the nerve to come back” and that he felt it was “worth” giving Kimberly “another shot.”

The next day, Soules went on his first group date. The theme was “Show Me Your Country.” Along for the date were Ashley I., Jade, Tara, Kimberly, Mackenzie, and Tandra. First, the women splashed around in an L.A. pool with Soules and then, still in their bikinis, hopped on tractors, which was the “country” part. The women (slowly) raced the tractors in Downtown L.A. Ashley I. won the race, and got to have some extra alone time with Soules.

While “The Bachelor” was on the group date, Jillian and Megan snuck into Soules’ house down the driveway from the mansion, where the women are living. Also, back at the house, Juelia opened up about how she has a daughter but that the little girl’s father killed himself.

After that, Soules picked Mackenzie to go off on a date. The two shared a dinner during which she told Soules she liked his “big” nose and wanted to talk about “aliens,” which somewhat freaked out “The Bachelor.” Mackenzie was hesitant to tell Soules, but then revealed that she has a little boy, and even showed “The Bachelor” a photo of her son. Soules had a good time with Mackenzie and gave her a rose. The two then danced and kissed a bit.

Back at the mansion, Megan got asked out by Soules for a one-on-one date. The two took a limo to an airport, where they boarded a private jet and drank champagne en route to Las Vegas. Once there, they quickly boarded a helicopter and flew over the Hoover Dam, and viewed Nevada’s desert and lakes before touching down in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. While sitting in a romantic spot, Megan told Soules about how her father recently passed away. “This is really a perfect day with a perfect person,” Soules said in a voice over. He and Megan also kissed before he told her, “I feel like there is something here” and gave her a rose.” Soules said in voice-over that kissing Megan in the Grand Canyon was “one of the most romantic moments of my life.” And then they kissed some more.

Eleven more women were summoned for a group date with the theme, “Till Death Do Us part.” Kelsey, Trina, Alissa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn, and Britt then piled into two limos and driven to an abandoned lot, where they were scared by some kind of being. It happened to have been Soules, who said, “I’ve never seen girls so scared in my entire life.”

Once the freaked out women calmed down, “The Bachelor” explained they were going to divide into three teams of four and use paintball guns to shoot dead “zombies” roaming the lot. The women did that for a while until the game was over, and Soules said he was “impressed at how cool and amazing these women are.” Throughout the evening, Ashley S. acted “bonkers” and like a full blown “crazy girl,” as a couple of the other women said. At times, the attractive blonde made absolutely no sense when speaking. Even Soules acknowledged that Ashley S. was bizarre.

Soules took Kaitlyn aside for a little alone time during which they laughed and, of course, kissed. Throughout the evening. He also took Britt aside to spend solo time with her, too. Soules said he was connecting with her, as well, and they also kissed. But at the end of the “Death Till Us Part” date, he gave Kaitlyn a rose.

While the 11 other women were on the “zombie” shooting date, Jordan was drunk and twerking. She also revealed that Jordan has the “hairiest ass” she’s ever seen (men included) and needed to take a weedwhacker to it.

Before the rose ceremony, there was another cocktail party back at the house, during which Soules said he wanted to spend time with women he didn’t get to know yet. He and Whitney went outside and drank whiskey together. Then, Ashley I. showed him her belly button ring and told him she would grant him three wishes that he could make on it. Soules then rubbed the ring and his first wish came true. The two started making out. (Earlier, she confided to the other women that she was a virgin.) Oh, and once again, Jordan was drunk.

At the rose ceremony, Soules said he had a lot of “tough decisions” to make before handing out the remaining roses to a bunch of the women including, Britt, Ashley I., Trina, Kelsey, Juelia, Jillian, Becca, and Whitney. Incredibly, he kept Ashley S. Soules sent home Alissa, Jordan, Kimberly (again), and Tara. Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode?


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