The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Sends Three Home With Help From Jimmy Kimmel

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap January 19

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap January 19


The Bachelor” Season 19’s third episode began with Chris Soules getting woken up by Jimmy Kimmel, who told him, “I’m here to help you,” and that we’re “going to start an amazing journey together.” Kimmel, a big fan of the franchise who has “seen every episode,” helped Soules this week organize his dates.

Kimmel then surprised the women. He first told the 18 remaining women that he would be “making love to each one of you,” and asked that they give it their “110 percent.” The late night talk show host also introduced an “Amazing Jar,” explaining that the word “amazing” is so overused on the show, and that anyone who uttered it would have to put $1 into the jar. Hilariously, throughout the show, whenever anyone used the word “amazing,” there was a sound effect of “ka-ching.”

After Kimmel and Chris Harrison left, a date card was read and Kaitlyn, the dance instructor from Vancouver, was told she was going on a one-on-one date to an “exclusive club.” Well, the “club” they were taken to in a limousine, as they sipped champagne, was Costco. Kimmel sent a note that explained he wanted them to go to a “romantic spot,” where real couples spend their time. While there, Kimmel said they needed to pick up everything needed for dinner (with him, too), and also asked that they buy him up beef jerky, size 33 jeans, a tub of Mayo, and “enough ketchup to fill the hot tub.”

Soules and Kaitlyn had a fun time in Costco, as they picked up food and supplies. When they returned to the house, they both remarked how “normal” a date it was, and naturally began making out. Kimmel, of course, interrupted them kissing. The three of them then awkwardly and funnily had dinner, during which Kimmel asked Kaitlyn if she would be OK with Soules going to the Fantasy Suite with three different women and making “sweet, sweet, sweet love” to all of them.” Kaitlyn replied, “Can’t take a car out without test driving it.”

Kimmel then suggested to Soules that he “try to have sex with everyone on the show,” and “let’s have a threesome.” It was time then for the rose, and Kimmel told Soules, “Pretend I’m not ever here,” but while “The Bachelor” was saying he had an “amazing” time and how Kailtyn had “hit it out of the park,” the talk show host told him his speech was “terrible.” Nevertheless, Soules gave her the rose. Soules and Kaitlyn then were shown making out in the hot tub, where the camera pulled out to also show Kimmel sitting and eating chicken wings.

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The next day, 12 women went on a group date with Soules during which they had to show off their farm skills during a series of tests. Kimmel wanted to make sure Britt, Jillian, Becca, Mackenzie, Tracy, Kelsey, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Samantha, Nikki and Carly could handle Soules’ farm life back home. At the end of the competition, Carly emerged as the winner.

Later than night, while the group was out in L.A., Carly acknowledged that she was “nervous,” but they still kissed. Of course, Soules also kissed Amber and a few other women, prompting Mackenzie to have a minor freak out and ask “The Bachelor” why he was “kissing everyone else,” after they had shared their first kiss. During the group date, Soules gave a rose to Becca, the one woman who actually did not kiss him.

Next, Whitney got a one-on-one date with Soules. The two went to the wine country. “The Bachelor” and Whitney listed all the cliches they’re looking for in a partner, such as “fun” “genuine,” and “positive.” But it got more fun when they spotted a wedding taking place in another area of the vineyard, and Carly suggested they crash it.

Soules and Carly then changed into more formal attire, and even got a gift for the bride and groom, whose wedding they were crashing. “The Bachelor” thought it could either be awesome or “we may end up in jail.” Soules and Carly were then seen mingling with everyone, including the newlyweds’ entire family. They also hit the dance floor for a good part of the reception and made out a lot, naturally. Oh yeah, Carly tried to catch the bride’s bouquet. While she didn’t catch the flowers, Soules later told her he thought she was incredible, and gave her a rose.

Rather than the usual cocktail reception, they had a pool party. In the midst of it, Juelia sat aside with Soules and told him, as they held hands, all about how her husband committed suicide. Later, he left the pool party to show Jade his house, where they made out on his bed. That was followed by him going outside and kissing Jillian in the hot tub. Mackenzie, Jade, and Ashley I. later jumped into the hot tub, too, but Jillian wouldn’t leave, so it got super awkward. Ultimately at the rose ceremony, Soules sent home three women: Tracy, Trina, and Amber. Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode?


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