The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Takes Six Women Home To Iowa

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap


The Bachelor” Season 19 continued on Sunday as part of a two-night special. The episode, the seventh so far, had Chris Soules and the remaining women going to his home state of Iowa, where some loved it and others did not. But before they went to Iowa, Soules still had one woman to eliminate. See who he sent home!

As you’ll recall, the latest episode of “The Bachelor” had Soules boarding a helicopter after telling Kelsey and Ashley I. in the Badlands that they were both done. Still, Soules had one woman to say goodbye to in South Dakota. But before there could even be a rose ceremony, Soules had a private chat with Megan, who complained that there hadn’t been any “progression” in their relationship. The farmer pretty much admitted that they didn’t have a future together, and he escorted her out, leaving the other women quite surprised, and even a bit upset on Megan’s behalf.

Chris Harrison then delivered some bad news to the contestants: There would still be a rose ceremony, and someone else would be eliminated. It didn’t take long, though, for Soules to change his mind and cancel it, saying he wanted to keep all the remaining women for now. He then announced the next stop on their journey would be “God’s Country.” That’s right, “The Bachelor” and the final six ladies were off to Des Moines, Iowa to see what life with Soules would really be like.

Jade was chosen for the first one-on-one date with Soules in his home town of Arlington, making her the first person in the competition to score a second solo date. The outing naturally started at his farm, and Soules revealed to the camera that Jade was the first girl to visit since “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman. He actually gave her a tour of his home, after which she got a tour of the town, or lack thereof. Jade seemed a little freaked out by how small and empty the area was, but perked up later when she got to meet Soules’ parents at a high school football game.

The next day, Soules picked Whitney for his second one-on-one date in Des Moines, and they went all over the city taking photos to “document [their] love.” Whitney felt completely at home in Iowa, and later on when Soules’ friends quizzed her to see if the two were a good match, she passed with flying colors. His friends gave Whitney the thumbs up, and the date only brought the pair closer together, particularly when they had a serious talk about family.

At the same time, the rest of the women decided to take a trip of their own to Arlington to explore without Soules. Britt didn’t exactly groove on the small town and felt she couldn’t live there, which was actually surprising given that earlier in the episode, she was crying over the fact that Jade got to visit Arlington, and she didn’t. But she then flip-flopped again, earning Carly’s ire. Later on, Jade confessed to Carly that she previously posed nude for Playboy and, not surprisingly, Carly only added to Jade’s nerves over telling Soules about her naked past.

Before she could, though, Britt and Carly, along with Kaitlyn, were selected for a group date, and joined Soules at the Wells Fargo Arena, where they went ice skating and played ice hockey. Soules was not a natural. During private time with Britt, she revealed their trip to Arlington, and she told him that she eventually felt comfortable there and “loved it.” Carly, however, tried to set the record straight later on during her own chat with Soules, saying her competitor actually hated it, and warning him that he wasn’t getting the “real Britt” and should “be careful.”

Soules felt like Carly dropped a “bomb,” and he tried to get the truth from Britt later on. She admitted there was a “shock factor” when she first visited Arlington, but insisted she was “choosing the person,” and not the town. Soules was apparently satisfied enough to have a makeout session afterward. He then moved on to Kaitlyn, and reassured her when she expressed frustration with the process. To make her feel even more confident, Soules gave her the group date rose, much to the other two ladies’ chagrin.

Britt wasn’t much interest in Soules’ pleasantries afterward, and told him she felt “really, really hurt” to not get “validation” after all they talked about throughout the day. She became increasingly angry, saying that she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to bring him home for the hometown dates in the next round if he wasn’t as interested as she was. Soules couldn’t quite find the words to make her not so pissed off, and excused himself. For Carly, though, her behavior was only further proof that Britt was two-faced, and she was pleased that now Soules was seemingly seeing it for himself.

Carly was convinced that Britt’s behavior ensured her elimination, but viewers will have to wait for Monday’s continuation to find out what happened next. Gossip Cop will have another full recap tomorrow night. What did you think of tonight’s special episode?


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