The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Goes On Hometown Dates, Sends 3 Women Home

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap


The Bachelor” Season 19’s eighth episode had Chris Soules going on hometown dates with the remaining four women. Soules learned a lot about the final four women, much of which he liked but also some things that didn’t sit well with him. “The Bachelor” sent home a few women. See who got eliminated.

Before Soules went on the hometown dates, while still in Iowa, he had a one-on-one date with Becca. The two hung out in a loft and talked. Becca admitted she’s never been in love before and couldn’t definitively say she’d say yes if he proposed, but noted she felt really comfortable with Soules, and likes him a lot. They two then kissed as the sun set.

Back in the hotel, Britt said she might take herself out of the competition and tell Soules her heart is not into introducing him to her family. Of course, this is all against the backdrop of Carly previously telling Soules that Britt visited his home town of Arlington, and told the other women she couldn’t imagine herself living there. Basically, she wanted to exit before he sent her home anyway.

At the rose ceremony, Britt asked Soules before he eliminated two women if they could have a word. They then privately talked in another room, where Britt said she was sorry. After Britt’s backtracking, Soules basically said he didn’t believe a lot of things she said, and walked her outside, where she cried and cried. When Soules came back inside for the rose ceremony, Whitney, Kaityln, Becca, and Jade received roses, while Carly was sent home.

For the first hometown date, Soules first head to Shreveport, Louisiana to meet Becca’s family. They first spent time in a park, kissing in a canoe before he went to her home and met Becca’s parents, sister, and brother-in-law. We learn this was the first time Becca has ever brought a guy home.

While there, Becca’s (unhelpful) sister pulled Soules aside and essentially told him she’s not intimate at all, which has now given “The Bachelor” some second thoughts about whether she could ever love him. Meanwhile, Becca’s mom told Soules, “Don’t break my daughter’s heart.” At the end of the night, as Becca said goodnight to Soules, he told her she was coming with him, and the two went to a State Fair, where they kissed on a ferris wheel.

Next up was Soules’ hometown date with Whitney in Chicago, Illinois. Whitney said she wanted to show “The Bachelor” her life, but first asked him, “What do you say we go make a baby?” Whitney, of course works at a fertility clinic. Soules enjoyed seeing how she helped couples have children, and noted how “rewarding” her work is. Soules said, “I make corn. I can’t imagine what it would be like to make babies.” She then took him to a room in the clinic with Playboys and XXX movies, and asked him to give her a “male specimen.” Soules was beginning to get nervous, but Whitney was just joking.

Whitney was brought up by a single mom, who passed away, so Soules had dinner with her sister, brother-in-law, uncle, and grandmother. Her uncle spoke lovingly of Whitney with Soules, before her protective sister had alone time with “The Bachelor.” Once alone, Whitney got emotional as she spoke to Soules about how much she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

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For the third hometown date, Soules traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to meet Kaitlyn’s family, but first they went to a recording studio, where they wrote and recorded a rap song about their romance. It may not have been the best song, but the two were still happy and kissed inside the studio. After that they had dinner with her divorced (yet still close) parents and her sister. Separately, Kaitlyn confided to her mom how much she cares about Soules, and then she and “The Bachelor” went for a drive and stopped at a billboard she had made that read, “Kaitlyn [hearts] Chris.” He later said it meant a lot to him because she let her guard down, which he appreciated.

For the final hometown date, Soules went to Gering, Nebraska for their hometown date. Before meeting her parents and two brothers, Jade said she was worried about telling him that she posed nude for Playboy and nervous that they might tell him before she did. While talking to Soules, Jade’s brother questions whether his sister is ready to settle down because she’s a “wild mustang” and “free spirit,” which makes “The Bachelor” wonder if there’s a part of her he has no idea about.

Jade then went back to Soules’ hotel room, where she told him there were “things that would surprise you.” She then finally confessed that she had posed nude for Playboy, and even showed him the pictures on a computer. He said it felt “odd” and “inappropriate” to look at them, but then also watched a nude video of her. Soules told Jade it would not affect their relationship or how he felt about her, but it was clear he was somewhat shocked, especially coming from, as he said, “conservative Iowa.”

Soules and the four remaining women then returned to Iowa for the rose ceremony, where Jade was eliminated. He told her it was a “difficult decision,” and didn’t know if he made the right one, but that’s how he felt. What did you think of tonight’s special episode?


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