‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Chris Soules Sends Home Four After ‘Cinderella’ And Mud Dates

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap


The Bachelor” Season 19’s fourth episode had Chris Soules’ three sisters making a surprise appearance and deciding with whom he would go on a one-on-one “Cinderella”-themed date. Far less glamorous were the two group dates. One group date had the women camping overnight in tents, while the second had the women racing through mud in wedding dresses.

Eight women were taken on a group date to a lake in Southern California. They were Ashley I., Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Mackenzie, Megan, and Samantha. Soules said he was interested to see how they reacted to nature, prompting a couple to go au naturel. Ashley I. took her top off. Being “The Bachelor,” of course, she was outdone by Kaitlyn, who took off her bikini bottom. If that wasn’t enough, the day trip to the lake turned into an overnight of camping.

The women then had to make their own tents. Soules and the women spent the night sitting around a bonfire, and making s’mores. A few of the women wandered off with him for alone time, and not surprisingly he made out with a whole bunch of them. While sitting around the fire, Soules gave Kaitlyn a rose. In the middle of the night, Ashley I. snuck out of her tent to talk to Soules in his. She wanted him to know she was a virgin, but never outright told him, and basically “The Bachelor” had no idea what she was talking about. Ironically, while in his tent alone and telling Soules, “I’m not a hook-up girl,” the two of them were making out.

Soules’ three sisters made a surprise visit to the house, where they questioned seven women, including Jade, Whitney, Jillian, Britt, and Carly, to determine who would make a good wife. They asked lots of questions to get a better idea about each of the ladies. Ultimately, they choose Jade to go on a one-on-one “Cinderella”-themed date.

The next morning, a glam squad came to the house and styled Jade into Cinderella for her date with Prince Farming. Jade was dressed in a beautiful gown, had hair and makeup done for her, and given a pair of diamond earrings to wear and even keep. That’s right, diamond earrings to keep. The other women, suffice to say, were extremely jealous. A vintage Rolls-Royce even picked up Jade for her fairy tale date.

Meanwhile, Soules was waiting in a ballroom, dressed handsomely in a tuxedo. He said he felt like a prince looking for his Cinderella. Over dinner, the two opened up about their previous engagements and having grown up in small towns. Soules said she had many of the qualities he was looking for in a wife. He then gave her a rose. Afterwards, they danced the waltz as a chamber orchestra played around them. They also watched a preview of the “royal ball” scene from the upcoming movie Cinderella as they similarly danced. But, like the fairy tale, at the stroke of midnight Jade had to go. With agreed the night was “perfect” and”magical.”

For the episode’s second group date, Nikki, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Britt, and Becca were given wedding dresses, and piled into a limo. But as soon as they arrived at their destination, they realized that in their white wedding gowns they would be doing a “MuckFest,” basically an obstacle course in mud. The winner would get a one-on-one date with Soules. Not surprisingly, the super competitive and athletic Jillian won.

“The Bachelor” took Jillian out for a romantic dinner in San Francisco. Jillian did practically all of the talking, leaving Soules “confused” by all she was saying. Even though the setting, overlooking San Francisco, was magnificent, he told her there was no “chemistry” and did not give her a rose. She was then sent home.

Not enough drama? At the cocktail party, Ashley I. clarified everything, and told him pointblank that she’s a virgin. But then Britt pressed Soules about why he kept giving roses to Kaitlyn, prompting “The Bachelor” to get annoyed that his “integrity” was being questioned. He was so frustrated, he went into the house and told all the women that “I’m here to find a wife, and if any of you question that, you are more than welcome to go home.” That left them all very confused.

At the rose ceremony, after Jillian was already eliminated, Soules sent home three more women: Ashley S., Juelia, and Nikki. Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode.


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