The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Takes Three Women To Bali, Picks Final Two!

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap


The Bachelor” Season 19’s ninth episode had Chris Soules taking the remaining three women, Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney all the way to exotic, beautiful, and lush Bali in Indonesia. After enjoying romantic one-on-one dates with them, he then invited each of the three women to spend the night with him in the “Fantasy Suite. And while he had a blast with Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca, he sent one of them home. See who he eliminated.

Soules first spent the day with Kaitlyn. They went to a temple in Bali, where they partook in a number of rituals, including making an offering. They then walked through a town to a wooded park that was packed with monkeys. The monkeys jumped all over “The Bachelor” who was carrying bananas. While they sat in the park, Soules asked how she felt the hometown went, and Kaitlyn thought it went well. Soules agreed, and said he also had “fun” with her family.

They then shared a romantic dinner outdoors. After some more kissing, Soules said he was “excited for this night not to end,” and handed her an invite to spend the night with him in the “Fantasy Suite.” They both said, “We deserve this.” The two then went to the over-the-top suite, which was outfitted with champagne and a bathtub filled with flowers. While sitting and sipping champagne, Kaitlyn told Soules she was “completely falling in love” with him, to which he responded, “And I’m falling in love with you.” They then took it to the bedroom.

Next, Soules and Whitney met at a harbor before going on a romantic boat ride on the Indian Ocean. On the boat, they drank white wine, kissed, and talked. Whitney told Soules that during the hometown date she was annoyed that her sister was guarded, protective, and “not giving her full approval.” Soules said he wished her sister had given him the thumbs up, but understood that without a mom, Whitney’s sister was just looking out for her little sister’s best interests. He also reassured Whitney it didn’t affect how he felt about her. Soules and Whitney later stripped down to their bathing suits and jumped off the front of the boat and into the water, where they made out.

As they sat down to eat, Soules said he was concerned about Whitney leaving Chicago and her veery fulfilling job for small town life in Arlington, Iowa. She told “The Bachelor” that she’s worked so hard to get where she is, but she’s not fully happy because she wants to be a wife and mom. Whitney said she would move for Soules without any hesitation, because she’s “ready to have babies” with him. Whitney added, “It’s not where you are. It’s with who you’re with.” He then gave her the invitation for the overnight in the ‘Fantasy Suite.” After Soules said he was “ready to take this to the next level,” she joked, “Check please!” They then went to (thankfully) a different “Fantasy Suite” that had its own one private pool. The last we saw of Whitney and Soules, they were laying down in bed with champagne.

The last date was with Becca. “The Bachelor” and Becca walked through rice, where Soules was fascinated by their more basic farming techniques. They then visited a local medicine man, who they questioned about their future together. When asked if they were meant to be together, the medicine man said they were a “very good couple.” He also said they would make good parents. And when they told him they had a big date coming up and asked advice, the medicine man suggested they “make love.” Throughout all of it, though, Becca was nervous about telling him that she’s a virgin, fearing it was a “deal breaker.”

The two then had dinner, during which Soules expressed concern about her never being in love before and whether she could live in little Arlington. But Becca said she could see herself living there if she was fully committed. She also revealed to Soules that she was (finally) falling in love, to which “The Bachelor” admitted, “I’m falling in love with you,” and could himself “spend the rest of my life with.” Soules then handed her the invite to the “Fantasy Suite.” She told the camera she was nervous because she a virgin, but also noted that it did not necessarily mean sex, although she was could see herself losing her virginity to him.

Soules and Becca headed to yet another “Fantasy Suite,” where they first drank champagne before she shared, “I am a virgin.” He was, at first, speechless and then said he understood that it was part of who she is. Still, she hinted that maybe waiting for marriage was not a prerequisite anymore because she was now “100 percent all in. Soules and Becca then kissed before closing the shades.

The next morning, Soules said in a voiceover that the night with her “went great,” and that he was “absolutely falling in love” with her, but wasn’t sure whether she was on the same page. “The Bachelor” then teared up. He was later joined by Chris Harrison, who Soules told he could see introducing each of them to his family. He further noted that they he could see himself spending his life with each one.

Soules then met the women in a holy temple for the rose ceremony. But before making his decision, he asked to see Becca privately. While sitting aside in the temple, Becca said she had put up walls before but she’s now in love with him and wants to continue talking about moving to Arlington. Kaitlyn and Whitney discussed during that time how Soules was probably sending her home, but were shocked when ‘The Bachelor” and Becca returned to the rose ceremony hand-in-hand. Ultimately, Kaitlyn was eliminated. What did you think of tonight’s episode, and who would you like to see Soules choose as his wife?


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