Chris Soules’ The Bachelor Premiere Recap: Who Got Roses And Who Got Sent Home

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Premiere

By Michael Lewittes |

chris soules the bachelor premiere


The Bachelor” Season 19 premiered on Monday with Chris Soules beginning his search for love and meeting the 30 ladies vying for his heart. Soules, who had his heart broken by last season’s “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman, returned to the reality franchise in hopes of finding the woman of his dreams. But first, the show opened with Soules on his farm in Arlington, Iowa.

Soules talked about being a fourth generation farmer. He said he’s “proud to feed the world,” and that farming is a “lot of fun… something I love to do.” The 33-year-old “Prince Farming” noted he lives in a town with a population of 400 people, and so he doesn’t get to meet a lot of women. “Love is a lot like farming… Plant a seed, hope it grows, sometimes the weather isn’t on your side, but with luck something beautiful can come from it.”

Soules left the farm mid-harvest season, a crucial time for his family’s business, but explained he had to do “The Bachelor.” He said, “If I didn’t take this opportunity, it’d take a lifetime to find someone.”

Before the limo entrances of the contestants, eight women were featured. We’re first introduced to Britt, Jillian, Amanda, Whitney, Mackenzie, Alissa and Kelsey. Britt, a waitress from Hollywood, was filmed giving strangers “Free Hugs” during her introduction. She explained, “I’m a very touching person… I’m a feeler.” Britt also shared that she was in a relationship for three years, but they never had sex. Viewers then met Jillian, a national news producer from Washington D.C. who loves to work out. She noted that she can probably lift more weight than most of the guys she knows. And judging from the footage inside a gym, she was not lying. Next up was Amanda, a ballet teacher from Illinois who lives at home with her mom. The 24-year-old explained, “I like not paying bills, I don’t cook, and I don’t like cleaning.” She also admitted she’s “f*ckin’ crazy.” Whitney, a fertility nurse from Illinois, said, “I have no idea why I’m not meeting the right guys in Chicago,” before asking her dog if she wanted Soules to be her new “daddy.”

Mackenzie, a 21-year-old dental assistant from Wisconsin, said she already had a man in her life, her son Kale. She described Soules as “hot, mature… He’s perfect.” Alissa, a flight attendant from New Jersey, was shown in the front of a plane, giving passengers instructions, including, “Smoking is prohibited on this aircraft, unless you’re smoking hot. Hey Chris.” She added, “Roses may be handed out if you’re interested in continuing this journey to find love,” before thanking everyone for flying “Bachelor Air.” Finally, we were introduced to Kelsey, a 25-year-old widow from Austin, Texas. Kelsey’s husband sadly died after his heart suddenly stopped while walking a little over a year ago. She expressed with hope: “You can meet many more than one soulmate.”

Soules was then seen arriving via motorcycle in L.A., where he got fitted for his suits and did a photoshoot as he prepared to embark on his “Bachelor” journey. Naturally, as he got ready to meet the ladies, there was the requisite shower shot. Meanwhile, a number of women started getting liquored up in the limo before Soules greeted the first batch of women.

“The Bachelor” then started to meet his lovely ladies. Britt gave him an uncomfortably long hug and started to cry. She then gushed about how much she “really likes” him, before handing gave him a note offering him a “Free Hug from Britt.” Whitney gushed about how she has been watching the show since high school. “There have been great guys ahead of you,” she said, “but I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t you.” Next, he met Kelsey, who described her as a regular girl. After her was Megan, a makeup artist from Tennessee, Ashley I., a freelance journalist, and Trina, a special education teacher from California. Then there was Reegan, a cadaver tissue saleswoman, who made one of the show’s most unique entrances when she arrived carrying a cooler filled with a fake heart and blood. “Awesome,” said Soules.

Now bizarre enough? Well, out of the limo came Tara, a sport fishing enthusiast, who came dressed down in a flannel shirt, Daisy Dukes and boots. After she said hello ad told Soules, “I’m not in a cocktail dress, this is me,” she then snuck back into the limo and came back out a second time a little later in a gown. She told him, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”

Amber also came out of the limo, and then Nikki, a former NFL cheerleader. Amanda, the ballet teacher, had the limo driver give Soules a note telling him to turn around. She then creeped up behind him and explained that she wants him to figure out who she is and come find her later because she’s like a secret admirer. After that was Jillian, the buff news producer who let “The Bachelor” feel her muscles, then Mackenzie, and Ashley S., a hair stylist who gave Soules a lucky penny. A woman named Kaitlyn got the sexy farmer’s attention by telling him, “You can plow the [bleep] out of my field any day.” He said, “Didn’t see that one coming.”

After the first 15 women were introduced, Soules told host Chris Harrison, he thought they were all “amazing, beautiful women.” “The Bachelor” then went inside and told the first group of ladies that he was sure he was “meeting my wife.” Soules spent a lot of time with Britt, the “Free Hug” woman. She told him right off the bat she would be comfortable living in a small town. They then hugged, and nearly kissed.

Soules also spent some time Whitney, the fertility nurse, who talked “babies” with him and Amanda, the secret admirer, who he never got to see come out of the limo. After that, Harrison told Soules it was time to meet the next 15 women.

From the second group was Samantha, a fashion designer from L.A.; Michelle, a wedding cake decorator; Juelia, an esthetician from Portland; and Becca, a chiropractic assistant from San Diego. Tandra, an executive assistant, made a grand entrance by riding up in a motorcycle. After her was Alissa, the flight attendant from New Jersey, who brought a seatbelt because she told Soules, “It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” Next was Jordan, a student from Colorado, who brought a bottle of whiskey and did a shot with the handsome farmer.

Soules then met Nicole, a real estate agent, who was wearing a pig nose. She said she wanted to “ham it up” and make Soules “feel at home.” Brittany, a WWE diva-in-training, came out of the limo in a super short skirt with a big sign that read, “Soulesmates.” After her was Carly a cruise ship singer, who brough t with a Barbie-style karaoke machine and sang to Soules. Then there was Tracy, a fourth grade teacher from Florida, who read a note from one of her students that explained why Soules should pick her. There was also Bo, a plus-sized model; Kimberly, a yoga instructor; Kara, a high school soccer coach; and Jade, a cosmetics developer from L.A.

Once Soules met all 30 women he told Harrison that he had “goosebumps thinking about each and every one of these women.” He then addressed the women inside the mansion and said he was “overwhelmed” and that he believed “my wife is in this room.” It was then time to get to know the women better, including learning breakdancing from Kaitlyn. Oddly, as soon as Soules spent time a minute or two of alone time with one woman, another would come up and ask if they could “steal” him for a bit. And this happened over and over and over. Through the mingling process, however, Tara got progressively drunker and drunker.

Before the full rose ceremony, Soules was allowed to give a first impression rose, and he gave it to “free hug” gal Britt. They then hugged and even shared the first kiss of the season. Soules even told Britt that he was feeling “something I haven’t felt in a long time.”

Soules admitted to being nervous before the first rose ceremony. “There’s a lot of awesome women here, who I’ve just gotten to meet and wish I could take more time with,” he confessed to Harrison. Witney and others copped to having nerves of their own, and feeling “pressure” even though it was only the first ceremony with many more to come.

After noting it would be “gut-wrenching,” Soules got down to business. He called women like Jade, Samantha and Kelsey, plus Amber, Julia, Becca, and others. Jillian was ready to “put a smack down on someone” as she got “angry seeing girl after girl” chosen before her. A drunk Tara was an awkward sight, as she wobbled on the platform, giggled, rubbed her hands, and just generally acted weird.

The ladies were stunned when Soules shook his head and walked out mid-ceremony, going to tell Harrison that he had initially thought he would pick her, but her condition was a major turn-off. When he returned to the anxiously-waiting women, he gave out a few more roses before actually choosing Tara, much to the shock of the other women. The final rose ultimately went to a stunned and grateful Ashley.

That meant an automatic elimination for the eight remaining women. They were Amanda, Reegan, Michelle, Nicole, Brittany, Bo, Kara, and Kimberly, who after a tearful exit interview, actually went back into the mansion to confront Soules. What happened? Viewers won’t find out until next week!

The extended preview for the rest of the season featured Soules taking the women on dates, including one who joined him hunting, and another who felt like “Cinderella” with an actual glass slipper. Much was made of Becca’s virginity, Ashley declared, “F*ck you all,” and an unidentified contestant snuck into Soules’ tent during a camping trip. One woman tearfully stormed away from Soules, one lady cried on the floor, and Soules appeared to share a few tears himself. Another contender had to receive oxygen, and Soules confessed at the end that it’s “impossible to make a choice.” Are you looking forward to it all?


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