The Bachelor Chris Soules Sends Home Mackenzie & Samantha At Show Beginning

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The Bachelor Chris Soules Mackenzie Samantha eliminated

By Michael Lewittes |

The Bachelor Chris Soules Mackenzie Samantha eliminated

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The Bachelor” began this week with Chris Soules sending home two women. But before that, the show picked up on Monday where it had abruptly left off last week, with Kelsey sprawled out on the floor, being attended to by paramedics.

What we learned is that she had a panic attack. None of the other women, however believed that she legitimately fainted or have any real medical issue. Also, as you’ll recall, Soules canceled the cocktail party last week because it was too emotional a night for him after having heard from Kelsey about how her husband suddenly died one day. Soules told Chris harrison, at the time, Kelsey’s story really hit him about how life-altering his decisions were becoming.

As a result of both those circumstances, there was no rose ceremony last week, but two women still had to go this week. So before Soules and what would become the remaining nine women embarked on their next adventure, this time to South Dakota, Soules had a rose ceremony at the beginning of the show.

Despite all the drama surrounding Kelsey, who made out with Soules after telling “The Bachelor” what she termed was her “tragic and amazing” story about her husband’s death, she was not eliminated. Instead, Soules sent home Samantha and Mackenzie.

The nine remaining women are Ashley I., Becca, Britt, Carly, Jade, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Megan and Whitney. Gossip Cop will also post a recap about this week’s full episode. What do you think about Soules saying goodbye to Mackenzie and Samantha, and keeping Kelsey?


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