The Bachelor Chris Soules: Does He Even Want To Live In Arlington? (EDITORIAL)

Bachelor Chris Soules Arlington

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor Chris Soules Arlington

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Chris Soules has worried episode after episode of “The Bachelor” whether the woman he ends up with can live in his small town of Arlington, Iowa, but Gossip Cop is not even sure he wants to return there so quickly. Some women on the show like Britt have been sent home because Soules didn’t feel they really wanted to live in his town of 427 people. However, “The Bachelor” himself doesn’t seem to have any desire right now to live there either, especially with talk of him joining “Dancing with the Stars.”

In the first episode of this season of “The Bachelor,” Soules said farming is a “lot of fun… something I love to do.” And he explained that he only left the farm mid-harvest, a crucial time for his family’s business, because he wanted to find a wife to share a small town life with him. Soules then week after week seemingly fretted about whether he would find someone to move to Arlington.

When Soules was on “The Bachelorette,” Andi Dorfman was concerned whether she could live in the town with fewer than 500 people. And while in exotic and beautiful Bali, before sharing overnights with the last two women, Whitney and Becca, Soules questioned each about the possibility of leaving their homes for farm life. Becca said if she were further along emotionally she could talk more about moving to Arlington, while Whitney answered that she would live Chicago because “it’s not where you are. It’s with who you’re with.”

But the question is: Does Soules even want to be in Arlington? He spent several weeks away from the farm, which needed to be tended to while appearing on “The Bachelorette,” and even more time away while as “The Bachelor.” Admittedly, he’s appeared on both shows to find a wife he wouldn’t have met near home. But Gossip Cop hears Soules proposed to one of the women and yet has remained in Los Angeles to join the cast of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Between rehearsals and the competition for “Dancing with the Stars,” Soules potentially could end up in Los Angeles for three more months. If he’s already found his fiancee who’s willing to relocate with him to Arlington, why doesn’t he just go home and begin his farm life with the love of his life?

There’s really no excuse for him to not be home. Wintertime for farmers is when they plow through paperwork and work on their infrastructure. Doing the cha-cha isn’t going to help those vegetables harvest better in the spring. Practicing the mambo with Witney Carson won’t help enhance his relationship with the woman who got the final rose.

Gossip Cop does not doubt that Soules loves farm life and his home town. So, why not go home with his bride-to-be? Winter would be a great time for him to show his fiancee what life is actually like in Arlington. Gossip Cop suspects Soules is presently far more interested in growing his fame than in his crops growing. Tell us what you think.


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